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Sep 21, 2007 05:59 PM

Best Apple Picking, Farm Markets & Wineries in Long Island

Want to do a trip out on the Island for Apple picking, local good farm markets, and wineries..heard that Milk Pail Farm and Orchard is supposed to be good and has small apple trees that are good for my 2 year old to pick apples from. and also pumpkins, pies, etc....also, heard Gallucio makes an excellent and unusual blueberry wine...thanks for any suggestions for a great outing...with a 2 year old!

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  1. Milk Pail is on the South Fork, and Gallucio is on the North Fork, so you probably won't get to both on the same day. Duck Walk in Southampton has a great Blueberry Port though, and it's perfect for sipping and for sauces. Milk Pail has great pies, made by Breadzilla in Wainscott, or you can go directly there for even more of a selection.
    There is a giant farm for pumpkin picking right across from Duck Walk, and they have plenty of those structures for the kids to play on: I'm pretty sure there is a stand with other produce too. These are all in a straight line on the main road.

    As far as wineries, there are only a few on the South Fork, but luckily one of them is Wolffer, just past everything else I mentioned. And the best farm stand on the South Fork is right across the highway from Wolffers, on Sagg Main Rd, Pike Farms, just a small open affair but nice selection (very expensive but worth it). Go while you can, his land is being taken away from him after this year unless someone intervenes, and everyone is horrified.

    1. The lower road in Jamesport has an orchard with u pick'em apples and the trees are quite small (look for red barn on south side of 25). The Bayview Farm and well as Wickhams have great produce and every kid must make a pitstop at Harbes for a pumpkin, a walk in the corn maze and an ear of roasted corn.

      Check out Catapanos goat farm for great goat cheese and a peek at the goats and possibly puppies!

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        We just stopped Bayview for the first time, what a great farmstand.
        Just did a "Foodie Tour" that included Catapano and I got to milk a goat myself. Now that's up close and personal!

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          Wow. I thought you of all people would have been to Bayview! Yes, for one stop shopping we like Bayview plus it's closer than Wickhams.

          Foodie tour sounds like fun! Catapano is really making a name for themselves. I now see it being sold in NYC at the Gourmet Garage. Last year they distributed to no one. If you wanted their cheese you had to pick it up at their place. Looks like they are branching out now.

          As an fyi:
          My parents just went to Jamesport Inn for dinner. Had a wine pairing dinner and thought it was spectacular. It's next on my north fork list to try.

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            We have so many good farmstands right near our house (it's truly paradise), and we only stopped at Bayview because the sun was setting and husband wanted to take a picture. They were already closed but the owner insisted that she would let us buy anything we wanted. Chatted for awhile too, really nice.
            The food tour is great, I wanted to post it here beforehand but I don't think it's allowed. Look for it next September, it's like a backstage pass to about 15 places for the day, we went to Satur Farms, Sang Lee, Tyllwen chicken farm, the oyster farm in Southold, the lavender and bee farm way out in way you could get everywhere you were supposed to go (it was drive yourself, which we liked). Started at Shinn with a tour and tasting too. Anyway, Catapano only moved about a year ago, and they definitely have many more goats than they used to, they previously sold most of the babies in the spring because there was no room. They are now selling their products at Wild by Nature too, so good for them. Guess they can quit their day jobs!
            Been hearing really good things about Jamesport Inn, everyone seems to prefer it to Jedediahs. That and North Fork Table will have to be tried this winter! Thanks

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              Watch for it next September, it was very interesting.



              I think I can post this now since it's over with, just for informational reasons. It'd be fun to see some other 'hounds there next year!

        2. As far as South Fork farm stands go, many aren't "real"...they bring items from up island, and the produce, while good, isn't as good as it could be.

          However, one family has a number of consistently great produce...the Halseys. They are one of the original 1640 settler families (as opposed to the "newcomers, who came down from Mass. in 1642....:-) ), and have owned and farmed out there for 350 years. Why is that important? They don't have financial pressures, so can afford to put all there resources into providing the best. Aside from selling only what they grow (aside from fill-in items like lemons, mozzarella, etc, they toss stuff like corn when it gets more than a few hours old, and never hold it overnight.

          Their main stand is the Halsey farm stand on Scuttlehole, north of 27, for vegetables. They also own the Milk Pail (which helps you understand why it doesn't open in the summer---they don't have to "pay rent", and only opens in the fall for apples, etc.) South of 27 in Bridgehampton near Mecox, they have a u-pick apple orchard (apple trees grown on trellis's like grapevines, plus pumpkins, etc. There is also a cheesemaker right nearby, who I think may be a family member.

          This isn't to say other local farms aren't very good (Hank's, or the quonset hut place further up Scuttlehole towards Sag harbor, etc), but the places on 27 are often not the best. In particular, I'd stay away from the place on David White's La, just behind the Omni in Southampton, especially for anything not u-pick. The guy is one of Hank's relations, but refrigerates stuff overnight, and frankly isn't very least I've never been happy with his prodcuce

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            You're right about the u-pick place off David White's, very expensive and never great. The little farmstand past there has lots of nice produce, named Zabreskis or something, they also sell local cherries in season and Wolffer verjus.

          2. You might try Fort Salonga Farm in Northport, LI. It's much closer than the East End. They have a website.

            1. Does anyone know if Wickhams Fruit Farms is good? I am also planning an apple/pumpkin picking trip for my 1 year old and we're looking at Wickhams and Milk Pail in LI and Maskers upstate. Thanks!

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                Wickhams is my favorite for pies, and they have tours of their fields too I believe. They're probably selling mainly apples by now. For produce picking I would choose the North Fork, it's so much more farm oriented.