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Sep 21, 2007 05:43 PM

Paulette Macarons in Beverly Hills

Hello, I tried Paulette macarons on Charleville in Beverly Hills last weekend. I haven't had that many macarons in my life but these were really tasty as far as I could tell.

I tried:
colombian coffee
sweet wedding almond
violet cassis

I can't wait to try the rest. Their website is here:

9466 Charleville @ S. Beverly

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  1. oh wow, looks great. thx! how much were they, do you remember?

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      1. re: bad nono

        They certainly are beautiful, but $1.50 per cookie strikes me as being VERY high for a little macaron. How does that compare with Boule and Jin?

        1. re: DanaB

          I think Jin's are $1.25, but they are teensy-weensy little things, maybe half the size of Boule's. Boule's, meanwhile, are climbing up towards $2 each.

          1. re: DanaB

            Well, as I've said elsewhere the soon-to-be-regular chocolate ganache macarons at La Maison du Pain are my absolute favoris du moment . As for the price, $1.50 is actually cheaper than in France (even without that pesky exchange rate) and given how difficult they are to make (and how expensive blanched almond meal can be) it is well worth the price. If I have to compare I prefer Jin to Boule, as for Paulette I like the different flavors.

      2. Visually lovely, but much too sweet. Flavors similar not knockout. Oh,those Parisian
        mochas. Le Provence has larger, pastel and lighter flavored but they crumble. Perhaps the flavors here will be richer and less sweet in time.

        1. Has anyone tried the pistachio or the peach?

          I checked for recipes on the Internet and apparently macarons are made without wheat.

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          1. re: Dogbite Williams

            true, there's no flour, only almonds and egg whites (and sugar)

            1. re: bad nono

              oh boy, if they're really gluten-free you just made my day. i was planning to hit sno:la tomorrow to feed my latest obsession...i guess i'll have to stop by paulette's as well!

          2. How do the macarons at Paulette compare to Boule's macarons? I had Jin's macarons today, and they were all around second-rate compared to Boule's, though the black sesame was an inventive flavor idea.

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            1. re: Woolsey

              I still like Boule's better. The macarons I got at the recent opening reception were abosolutely perfect! The shape, texture and taste. The 9 macarons I got at Paulettes, I would say 4 out of the 9 were bit on the stale side... The coconut , violet cassis raspberry and the pink almond were my favorite. The peach one looked really nice along with the chocolate one with the gold brush strokes which make them look beautiful and different from Boule's but it looks better than it tasted... Am sure they're still working out the kinks and will come out with some amazing, beautiful and tasty macarons to woo macaron lovers of LA! I can't wait.

              1. re: kuishinbo

                Hey Guys,
                Paulette's macarons are divine. i have them almost every single day. there almond based cookies with an amazing ganache filling. They are 100% pure french and have the best service, very kind and humble it seems like.

                My FAVORITEEEE flavors are:

                Chocolate coconut: which is to dieee forrrr. i can eat 5 of them at once

                Chocolate: which has a very suttle chocolate taste. which is magnificant.

                Coffee: which is a definite pick me up, literally like a shot of espresso

                Pistachio: which is amazinggg with some tea

                Peach: Is and will always be my favorite!
                all there macarons are GREATT!! and i highlyyy recomend checking out this hip new place. Some people even say its better than La Doure in Paris!!!

                and i hear they are going to be serving hot chocolate very soon and now are serving Nespresso coffee which, is amazing ASWELL!

                i think ive became the crakhead of Macarons!

            2. I made the pilgrimage to Paulette today. The store was hard to find as I was thinking it was on the corner of Beverly and Charleville, not around on Charleville itself. (I had to call 411 to get the address, having passed right by. Note to self: Write addresses down before going out.) The little store is spare but cute in a modernist way; one might call it "bijou." A young salesgirl packaged the macarons, while a beautiful lady with that I'm-much-older-than-I-look-don't-we-age-well? look so many French women have stood by the register, saying little. When one customer asked, "Who's Paulette?", the American salesgirl motioned to the chic Frenchwoman, saying, "She's Paulette." (When she rang up my order, I replied, "Merci, Paulette." She replied with a cheery, "De rien!")

              The macarons are laid out like doughnuts would be at a Dunkin' Donuts, in long lines and rows, behind glass. This is no precious bakery like Jin or Boule. The macarons are sold by the piece at $1.50 each, or $18 a dozen. There are usually a dozen flavors available, apparently with some flavors not sold each day. (There was no caramel made today, for example.)

              I mentioned to my friend I wanted to see if Paulette's macarons were better than Boule's, the very idea if which salesgirl scoffed at. Well, I have to say, Paulette's are very good... but Boule still wins the day. No flavor at Paulette is as transcendent as the very best of Boule's offerings - namely, the licorice, lavender, pistachio, fleur de sel, or Venezuelan chocolate macarons Boule has offered. Those macarons have shown are creativity, depth of flavor, and beauty that the Paulette product doesn't touch. The closest Paulette comes is their peach macaron, which has the taste of a fresh, ripe peach within. The sweet wedding almond captures the flavor of a Jordan almond well, and the violet cassis is good, too. The New Orleans praline has a nice plain almond flavor, but the name is completely wrong, tasting absolutely nothing like its namesake - it has no milky caramelized sugar flavor, no boozy vanilla, and it uses almond paste instead of the pecans that are ubiquitous in New Orleans pralines. They might as well be called "veal parmigiana macarons" for how accurate the flavor profile is. (One of my two of these was a bit stale, too.) The pistachio macarons are also a bit of a disappointment, lacking the distinctive pistachio flavor Boule got so perfect, and the chocolate doesn't have the thick, heady texture of Boule's, either. But Paulette's Madagascar vanilla macaron is actually superior to Boule's rather dull Tahitian vanilla one. I also enjoyed the tropical flavor, a blend of banana and passionfruit, though Boule's combination of passionfruit and milk chocolate is more beguiling.

              The texture is essentially the same as Boule's, though I like the fact that Boule doesn't embellish the exteriors like Paulette does. That's just a personal preference, though. If one enjoys Boule's macarons, one is almost certain to enjoy Paulette. It's a great little store with a fantastic product and a friendly staff. Boule is still my first choice, but I'm very happy to have Paulette around.

              Paulette Macarons
              9466 Charleville Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212