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Sep 21, 2007 04:46 PM

Hurricane House, Barnegat NJ

Stopped by today for a late lunch, first time I've been. And I was sorta impressed. Mom had the soup and half sandwich, a decent chicken noodle (herbs, shredded chicken, small cubes of veggies) with half of a turkey on Rye. I enjoyed the truffled egg salad that was on the lunch specials. It was very good! Both sandwiches were on an above average bread (mine was toasted wheat) with a juicy slice of ripe jersey tomato.

I almost did not order the egg salad, such a simple sublime creation, so often ruined, and in my mind sorta like ordering a PBJ out. But the idea of one made with some white truffle oil, yum...but oh, only if done right. Cha Ching! I did hit the jackpot; it was perfection. Honest.

The rest of the menu items looked good. And certainly the ice cream part of the place was jumping. This little place has been in Zargat's for a few years, with other good reviews from local papers and magazines posted. And it is cute, the old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor, makes you feel like you stepped into a Norman Rockwell illustration, is well done.

So is this a little gem? Or did we just get lucky this time?

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  1. This is definitely a little gem -- one of the most eclectic menus I've ever seen, and everything I've had has been good. And I haven't even had the ice cream!

    1. OK We've been back twice for early dinner and it is a little gem. I Do recommend it!

      And my Mom says their Ice Cream is great! She's the IceCream lover in the family.

      1. I took my parents here back in June. We really enjoyed it as well. The building is a historic ice cream parlor. The booths are original (alas there are only two, so we got a table when we went). Service was quick and friendly. I had the salmon, which was very good. My Dad and b-friend had the ice cream for dessert and both deemed it "delicious". I will definitely go back.

        1. An update: Over the holidays, I learned the HH is moving to a new location this month. They'll be in Tuckerton (not sure exactly where).

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            Oh crud. That's like 20 minutes up Route 9, if not longer. My mother lives in Barnegat, and the Hurricane House has been one of our staples. I've always had good food there.

            1. re: Heatherb

              Clarification: I just found out the new restaurant in Tuckerton will not be called the Hurricane House because that name is tied to the Barnegat property. I don't know what the new place will be called, but I guess there's a chance other restauranteurs will keep the HH in business in Barnegat!

              1. re: Heatherb

                Same here. My Mom lives in Barnegat, and HH was her favorite favorite place, both for the food and Ice cream. The hike down Rt 9 is not met with joy in the normal season and just ain't gonna happen at all in the summer.

                I do hope that someone will post when they *know* the new place is open. My Mom is jonesin.

                1. re: Quine

                  they will be occupying 217 north main street(rt9) in conjunction with lizze rose tea room. They will be doing some lunches and dinner at the brand new 80 seat place. It will be open by the end of march

              2. re: katydid13

                The place will be at 217 rte 9 in the Lizzie Rose complex. The phone number for info/reservations is 609.296.0991 or 609.296.3341

              3. The original comment has been removed