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Sep 21, 2007 04:14 PM

great tacos in CC

My husband and I ate at Jose Pistola last night- it replaced copa II on 15th. The food was awesome- I had the chicken verde taco and a beef sope- the sopes are homemade and the beef was excellent. My husband had fish tacos which are a specialty. We heard the owner talking to some other customers and apparently they are going to change the menu every few weeks.

Definitely worth the trip!

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  1. I'm suprised to hear that. I've been their twice and the fish tacos had a terrible smell, but I loved the beer list and the staff was very sweet.

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    1. re: saturninus

      I was there shortly after they opened and didn't care for the tacos, they were OK but I wouldn't go back there for the food. As you say though, their beer selection is very good. I'd definitely go back to enjoy some good beers.

    2. I had a steak taco (okay) and one of the fish tacos, which I thought was outstanding. It was the battered grouper, with a spicy mayo, cabbage and onion. I could eat that all day.

      1. the Taco House on Pine between 13th and 12th has had fresh authentic tacos and mexican for twenty years...great cheap food with good service...try the guac and the cheese crisps...won't be disappointed

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          Taco House has been closed for about a year now. Sorry.

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              I live right around the corner - Taco House was replaced about a year ago by Cafe Centraal, a family-run establishment that serves gyros, falafel, and some taco-type offerings as well. I haven't eaten there, but it is most definitely new management.

        2. Tell me 2 things:
          1) That horrible 80s, Jimmy Buffett decor from Copa too is gone!
          2) The place has a killer domestic beer list (i.e. Victory, Stone, Bells, Lagunitas, etc)

          1. I'm thinking of meeting up with a group of around 10 or 15 people there on a Thursday night--not for dinner, just for drinks, maybe some eating-at-the-bar. People who have been there, do you think their bar area can accommodate that kind of crowd?

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            1. re: ethorson

              Yes, because it's new. Go upstairs. It's perfect if they like beer.