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Sep 21, 2007 03:56 PM

more praise for tribune

I suggested to visiting vancouverites that we go to tribune for dinner last night - again a great experience. (by the way, i saw ureview sitting at the bar)

I am so happy they are open again. Luckily last night was on someone elses expense account so it was even more enjoyable :)

the others started with escargot and i had the mixed greens - everyone was pleased so far...myself and one other had the lamb shoulder, the other two shared the pressed duck for two. Delicious! A few too many beans served with the lamb, they are delicious but before you know it, you're stuffed on the beans and only 1/2 through the meat! It's kind of nice that the ducks are numbered and you get to write about and sign for the one you ate. A beautiful Italian wine, again glad there was an expense account for that part. The service was amazing, I have yet to have better service. Tribune is my favorite restaurant in Calgary right now. The only unfortunate thing...they were out of 3 entrees, two of which we were all considering - oh well, we know that everything is wonderful and fresh that way!

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  1. pants:

    "It's kind of nice that the ducks are numbered and you get to write about and sign for the one you ate"

    Have not been to Tribune yet but I really do enjoy duck so some visit we will although with limited time we usually end up going to the spots we enjoy like River, Capo and Divino.

    Can you explain the "numbering" comment?

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      The classic duck press dish has a metal, numbered tag for each duck served - I think they recently passed 1000, but I could be wrong about the number. I haven't had it but the idea is appealing.

      1. re: Gobstopper

        That idea of numering the ducks was originated at La Tour D'argent in Paris some 200 years years ago maybe more I think they are at over 200,000 ducks
        the name of that dish is canard au sang or canard a la presse they press the duck bones to collect as much cooking juice as possible to make the sauce and they thicken the sauce with duck blood la tour d'argent was founded in 1584 or aroud that the owner is Pierre Terrail they have one of the most encompassing wine lists in the world.

        1. re: careme

          Gobstopper & Careme:

          Thank you for that information.

          If someone has had the pressed duck at Tribune I would appreciate hearing about it. Its taste. Presentation, etc.

          I did "google" the technique and looked up a number of sites including one featuring La Tour D'Argent and I am not sure quite frankly. However, I recognize that it is a classic French dish.

            1. re: careme

              I might if I knew of a place where it could be ordered because until this "thread" I had heard of it.

              Is there a difference between "canard au sang" and "pressed duck"? I appreciate that they do not literally translate in French to English but some links suggest they are similar if not the same. The latter referable to the "pressing" of the carcass to obtain the blood and juices for the preparation of the sauce once the liver and breast have been removed and the legs detached for separate roasting.

              Does the Tribune do their pressing and sauce preparation tableside or do they remove the duck to their kitchen?

              Oh well, better move on before the "Chowhound police" have to step in and warn me that I have hijacked the thread and refer me to some other board.

              Thanks for the education...partial at least.