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Sep 21, 2007 03:01 PM

Last minute party plans

I'm having a party at my house in Sherman Oaks tomorrow night and have not worked out food. Any thoughts on where I can order a party platters for about 20 people that would have good food. I considered Le Pain Quotidien and the Village Gourmet - but they both seemed not that interesting and expensive (though I like their food). I have worked out the wine, however, we'll be having mostly drinkable, interesting reds.


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  1. If you are willing to drive a bit, I've had good luck with catered foods from Nicole's Gourmet in South Pasadena. If interested, I'd call them immediately to see if they can handle your request.

    Not too far over the hill from Sherman Oaks in West LA is Clementine, which also might be able to do your party platters.

    Otherwise, you might have to rely upon your local Gelson's or Bristol Farms.

    Edited to add: Oops, that second link was supposed to be for Clemetine. Here it is:

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      I had this at a friends party in Glendale and enjoyed it greatly. I'll call to see if I can get something from the freezer. Thanks all for this. Sometimes LA is a bit overwhelming and you just forget what's nearby.

    2. I'm shooting for Natas on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks tomorrow. I don't know if you've heard of them or already have checked them out but nothing but praises for this place have been showered ever since they opened. They're reputed to be the only game in town for Portugese pastries and seem to touch everything offered in their cases with alot of love. They offer both sweet and savory pastries and do have a seperate "Party" menu and price list on their website. If the pastries are half as beautiful and nuanced as the language, I can predict this to be the beginning of a long-term romance.

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        I've been to Nata's it's about 3ft from my house, I can't believe I didn't think of it. I'll be there tomorrow morning.

      2. In a pinch you can always hit up Costco. A lot of their food is actually pretty decent.

        Not that it would compare to a real independent shop, but if you're up against a wall you could definitely do worse.

          1. If you decide to go the grocery store route, check out this thread about Trader Joe's: Everyone's suggestions were really helpful and from them I threw a very easy and successful party!