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Sep 21, 2007 02:54 PM

Sissy's Uptown Cafe, Lompoc

It's been mentioned before, but we had lunch there a couple of days ago and I just had to chime in with praise for this delightful restaurant. DH and I shared a tuna melt and a warm mushroom salad. The salad had a mixture of sauteed mushrooms, blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts over baby lettuce in a light vinaigrette - amazing! The sandwich - well, what can one say about a tuna melt? It was perfectly done on wonderful thick-cut sourdough bread. The accompanying cup of lentil soup was one of the best I've ever had. Add two glasses of local wine, and it was a lunch to remember,

We told the waitress we were sharing, and each plate had half a sandwich and a generous portion of the salad - no extra charge for splitting. Now I just have to find a time that we can be in Lompoc for the evening, so we can try dinner there.

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  1. judybird, thanks for the tip - where is this in Lompoc - driving directions please if you can. Thanks.

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      Glbtrtr, from SB, take 101 to the Lompoc turnoff, and continue along Hwy 1 until you are deposited on Ocean Ave/Hwy 246, the entrance to Lompoc.
      Make a left and go straight on Ocean until you get to "I" Street, make a left, and the restaurant is on your left hand side, right next to a large city parking lot.

    2. sissy's uptown cafe

      Sissy's Uptown Cafe
      112 S I St, Lompoc, CA 93436

      1. It's nice to see this place getting discussed here. I enjoy their lunches often . I don't get over there for dinner as much because it's a long drive home after a bottle or two of wine.
        It is worth mentioning that Sissy's has one of the best selections of local wines in the area - maybe the best - and not just the common bottles, but the hard to find stuff as well. Many of the bottles they offer are available only from highly allocated mailing lists. So wine lovers take note - they use good stemware, too.

        The desserts are special, as well. I would drive 100 miles for a slice of their coconut cream pie.

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          I agree about their desserts. I rarely eat dessert but Sissy's is one of the few restaurants where I'll either save room or order a dessert to go. Much better desserts than Chef Rick's.