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Sep 21, 2007 02:44 PM


Has just opened their first Las Vegas shop, on Eastern in Green Valley. I have heard outstanding reviews about their Brooklyn home, but has anyone tried their locations in Scottsdale or Chandler? I am curious as to whether they have been able to maintain their standards in sister locations.

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  1. If you search the board, you'll find opinions vary widely about Patsy Grimaldi's (I've never been to the Chandler location, only Old Town). My personal opinion is that it is good (if you don't mind char), but the sauce is a tad sweet for my liking and it's expensive for what it is (in Vegas, I suspect this may be amplified). That said, we've had dinner there with family several times and have always enjoyed it.

    1. In terms of the pizza itself, I think they're pretty consistent in their product - be it in NY/NJ or their newer places in AZ. Not everyone is a fan of their type of pie, while others are devout followers, but regardless of camp, it seems to me they've invested a lot of money into trying to duplicate the end product and cooking process of what they like to make. Gotta give them props for building 1,200 degree coal ovens in their desert locations, especially when the masses are often content with pizza cooked on conveyer belts.

      Bottom line: If you like what they make in NY/NJ, you'll probably be happy with the new places. And if you've been to their second location in Hoboken, the newer places will seem night & day different in terms of decor, style, etc. Pizza wise, they've stuck to their original formula thus far.

      1. I have tried two locations, the one in downtown Scottsdale and the on in Chandler. While the crust is thin (thinner then a real NY pizza) and the sauce is sweet (a bit too sweet for me) and the cheese is sliced not shredded (which is ok) A pie will run you $30 bucks easy. I'm sure that there are a ton of pizza joints in Vegas that will kick their butts.

        1. I go to the Chandler location for lunch at least once a month and I think its great. Recently they added a lunch menu - for $7 or $8 you get a personal pizza, salad and drink. Quality and service are great.