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Sep 21, 2007 02:14 PM

Best breakfast Pike Place Market area & critique plan

We are looking for a good breakfast on a Sunday in October. We're staying at the Edgewater, & the late night snack we had in the restaurant there on our last trip was not inspired--is breakfast better?

Tentative plan for Fri., Sat. & Sun. am, please critique:

Fri.: lunch Ray's Boathouse or Pink Door (it's about the view plus food).

Fri. dinner? One of the above?

Sat. breakfast Senior Moose

Sat. lunch Matt's

Sat. we'll be dinner guests at an event.

Sunday breakfast? Pike Place Market would be good as we want to purchase some things from there to take home.

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  1. Edgewater has a brunch which is supposed to be good (haven't tried)-- not impressed by their dinner though. In Pike Place Market you can get brunch at Steelhead Diner, or Etta's (or dimsum at O'Asian which isn't far).

    1. I would say lunch at Rays - for the view with light and dinner at Pink door where you wouldn't have a view unless you were on their deck (and I'm not sure whether it would be open in October). And besides, Pink Door often has some very entertaining shows in the evening and reports about the new chef are great.

      Senior Moose is delicious

      Lunch at Matt's is great and for Sunday breakfast, I would recommend Cafe Campagne - French bistro in style, right in the market and therefore convenient to your shopping.

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        Agree with all of the above. Senior Moose will likely have a wait if you arrive much later than 9:30 am on Saturday, but it's worth it.