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Sep 21, 2007 02:09 PM

Sunday Brunch/Lunch Spot (San Diego)

I am looking for a good brunch/lunch spot for a group of 6 people plus newborn for this sunday. We would be fine with something "lunchy" and don't require breakfast/brunch food, but wouldn't mind it either. Probably something in the area of Claremont to Solana Beach. Because of the baby, plus some time restrictions, I would like somewhere where we can make reservations because this crowd will not be down with long wait to be seated (last time I asked about brunch, someone suggested Beach Grass Cafe, which looked awesome but the wait was well over an hour and some grumpies in my party refused to wait that long).
Price wise, I would say not any , and we are not looking for a buffet. Also, somewhere loud enough where a crying baby won't cause too much of a scene. I am thinking about JRDN. Anyone have any thoughts there?


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  1. I like Jake's Del Mar for the Sunday Brunch but I am trying to remember if they take reservations..
    I hear from this board and friends that Cavaillon in the Santa Luz/Ranch area is outstanding and we might be going this Sunday for brunch...they take reservations.

    1. on a breakfast thread, somone posted an opinion that breakfast at Cavaillon was pretty darn good. I can vouch for the dinner as such.

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        Cavaillon is easily the best $10 (or so) breakfast you'll get in this county. All the formal execution and technique that goes into their dinners is evident all over their breakfast menu. You can make reservations or go when they open (10 am) and there's no wait. The outdoor patio will be perfect for the newborn. Their beignets are the best (better than NO) and so are their egg dishes.

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          Oh diet...

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            mmm, yes--beignets! :-) 4 fluffy, perfectly fried beignets with a light dusting of powdered sugar and a side of homemade strawberry jam. :-) how to incorporate it into your diet--1 beignet is equal to 1 serving of grain. share the order with friends and you get your cake and eat it too! :-)

      2. Cavaillon does have a wonderful brunch, but it is in the middle of nowhere. JRDN has a really good brunch and the beach is a nice place to walk off the meal.

        1. Brockton Villa in La Jolla is fun for brunch. It's in a house overlooking the Cove, and their French Toast is very good. They also make good espresso drinks. You can make a reservation - but not on the same day, so you'd have to call them today.

          I've had lunch and dinner but not breakfast at JRDN. It would be especially nice if the weather is good, since they have an uncovered outdoor patio. Piatti also has a very nice brunch - but they don't open until 11.

          Other possible suggestions, Isabel's Cantina, The Mission, Pacifica Breeze Cafe and The Lodge at Torrey Pines. I've also heard good things about Cavaillon - but it's in Santa Luz/Carmel Valley, and it sounds like you might be looking for something closer to the coast.

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            Piatti's does have good brunch and they take reservations.

            Alice Q, are you sure Isabel's Cantina takes reservations? I know Mission Coffee Cup didn't. I don't think Pacifica Breeze Cafe does either. It's first come, first serve.

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              I actually don't think they do. I was just thinking of places that they should be able to get in without waiting too long. Thanks for pointing that out though.

          2. Our favorite for Sunday brunch/lunch is the Hob Nob Hill Restaurant on First Street in San Diego. I'm not sure where Claremont or Solana Beach is so don't know if this is in the area you are looking for. HNH does take reservations and we've been there with 6 people in the past.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up going with JRDN, which worked out quite well. The view was spectacular, parking was easy (3 hours free valet with validation) and the food was good (but I wouldn't say great). It was surprisingly "reaonable" for being in a hotel. My friend had some ricotta stuffed french toast with blueberry cream that was outstanding. I wish I had ordered that! I had the crab cake benedict which was quite tasty. I would definitely go back.