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Sep 21, 2007 01:45 PM

Des Moines: Anyone been to Jesse's Embers lately?

My folks are coming into town tonight -- surprise! -- and Dad wants a big hunk of red meat. Despite my constant raves about 801, they prefer something a bit more casual. For many reasons, I haven't been to Jesse's for ages. I want to do the one on Ingersoll. Anyone been there lately? Is it still pretty good or am I remember decent food from an era where it took less to please us here in Des Moines? (Like, five years ago.)

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    1. I hit the one in Urbandale over Christmas and it was good. The steak was prepared nicely and it had good flavor.

      Not as good as 801 though.

      1. We went to Jesse's for dinner and it was very good. In this age of glazes and rubs, it's nice to have an honest steak and a baked potato. The onion rings and side salad were very good, but only if you like iceberg with some nice garlicky croutons and other toppings (I do). The bar menu leaves a bit to be desired if you have favorites but the mixed drinks seemed fine. The waitresses are as mouthy as ever, which I find kind of charming.