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Sep 21, 2007 01:41 PM

Places with a sukkah in NYC area?

My wife and I hope to be in NYC on Sunday chol hamoed. Are there any restaurants with a sukkah these days?
If not in Manhattan, how about in Teaneck? (which at least is on the way home)
Thanks. Gmar chatima tova to all.

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  1. So many restaurant will have a succah. You should figure out what kind of food u are craving.

    easy fast!

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    1. re: brooklynyid

      How about nice Italian or fish dairy restaurants? We don't get any NY papers here, so I don't have access to ads, and Shamash doesn't have this kind of info.
      2nd choice, a decent meat (non-Chinese) place.

    2. Going on past years' experience, in Manhattan very very few restaurants have sukkot. Space is scarce, few buildings have back yards, and the city doesn't tolerate putting sukkot on the street. In fact, I don't know of a single restaurant in Manhattan that had a sukka last year (which doesn't mean there weren't any).

      In Brooklyn many places have sukkot, either in their back yards or on the street. It would surprise me if that were not the case in Teaneck as well.

      If you're asking about Teaneck then Brookyn is probably too far for you, but if it isn't consider Cafe Venezia, on Coney Island Ave between J and K. Or for meat on that same block there's Olympic Pita (you did say non-Chinese, but you didn't say non-Israeli...).

      1. Hi, Pasta Factory and i think! Sushi Metsuyan.

        1. Milk N' Honey on West Street (bewteen 5th and 6th) are advertising that they have a Succah.

          1. A few that I remember from last year:

            There was a sukkah in the courtyard of the Citicorp Center (53rd and Lex) for which you can bring in your own food. Eli's (deli) and Moishe's (falafel and other meat Israeli) are located in the Citicorp center or you can brown bag it.

            Cafe K (dairy) and Wolf and Lamb (both 49th and Madison) had sukkahs last year in front.

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            1. re: craigcep

              Chosen in Queens, Kosher Deluxe(fast food) in Manhattan.