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Sep 21, 2007 01:37 PM

Pls recommend lunch/brunch for Silverlake/Pasadena/H.Wood

Taking friend and both of our mom's out for lunch Sun @12 ish - looking for nice place, could be garden setting or not - would prefer lunch dishes and not just eggs - place that serves mimosas or bar would be preferrable. Any recs? Nothing too loud or with a lot of smoking.

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  1. Julienne in San Marino
    Marstons in Pasadena
    Dish in La Cañada
    Camillos, Alcove, Madam Matisse in Silverlake

    There's my quick list

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      1. re: Mando

        Pasadena choices are probably nicer for moms. However, Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake does serve brunch (but doesn't open until 11 I think) and has a full bar and a lovely patio.
        Madame Matisse, on the other hand, is right on noisy Sunset Blvd. and is busy and crazy, with no liquor, although the food is pretty good.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          I second the vote for Cliff's Edge. Brunch is lovely in the garden patio.

          1. re: guzelsu

            third for cliff's edge -- beautiful setting, broad menu - and full bar!

      2. Although the Edendale Grill in Silver Lake has a reputation for not having the best food, I actually had a really nice brunch there a month or so ago. My friend and I split the crab eggs benedict and a goat cheese salad -- the poached eggs on the benedict were done perfectly, and the dish as a whole was very tasty. The salad was nice as well. They have a mix of egg and lunch-type dishes, plus, it's got a great patio and a full bar. They only do brunch on Sundays. Here's a link to their website, with menu:

        1. Blair's on Rowena now does brunch. It's pricey but yummy. They have a full bar and an extensive menu.

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          1. re: peachmahoney

            I was there for lunch the other day. (actually end up there about once a week) They have wine and cocktails.

          2. Fantastic lunch/brunch at Square One: on Fountain a couple blocks west of Vermont, behind the big Scientology Center, and don't recall a bar, but Oh My Lord those grits w/cheese & bacon - lots of other delicious options. Bright, cheery, a bit plain, but they do have a little outdoor patio. Other delicious mid-day choice is Dusty's on Sunset (a few block west of Silver Lake Blvd.), which does have beer & wine and a swell bistro-and-breakfast menu - I'm kvelling about their poached-eggs-with-lardons-on-frisee entree salad RIGHT NOW. (Hmm, I seem to be working a bacon subtext here...)

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            1. re: moejuste

              Definitely not Madame Matisse - too noisy and busy; Cliff's Edge has a gorgeous outdoor area but there is a lot of smoking out there! I'd steer east to Pasadena ... what about the Twin Palms -- it's huge but not necessarily too loud, from my recollection - as it may be raining Sunday (hopefully).
              Marston's is "everyday" ... nothing special, and no garden, rather average fare. Something on Green Street? So lovely there.