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Sep 21, 2007 01:16 PM

Does anyone miss Flaco's Tacos (stl) as much as me???

I swear - I would kill for their chicken carne asada burrito recipe....and their habanero salsa too! I miss that place and always hope they'll come back for another try. I'm pregnant and have been dreaming of that burrito for the last 2 weeks....

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  1. Their fish taco were the best. I feel your pain

    1. My wife and I really loved the Pescado Ultimo - just the right combination of sliced cabbage and fried cod.

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        I always wonder why people lament the passing of Flacos Tacos It wasn't anything close to good border Mexican food. Every meal I ate there tasted like dishwater. I hate to say this but take yourself over to Chipotle and get a burrito or better yet buy a plane ticket to San Diego and get the real deal.

        1. re: bakemeacake

          There is no skull and crossbones hot sauce at Chipotle my friend!

          You make a good point that I have wondered about. I think a part of it, for many, is they were serving fish tacos when nobody else really was in St. Louis.

          For me personally, Flacos was something I definitely liked before my culinary awakening. So, while I miss Flacos, I don't know how much of that is nostalgia, and how much is honestly missing the food.

          Supposedly someone is reopening Flacos in St. Louis, but it will be more of a homage to, rather than an exact duplication.

          1. re: bobzemuda

            I agree - Fish Tacos, price & speed were all things that made flaco's a fave.
            I frequented the lindell location a lot while I was in school, and I can honestly say I miss the food....however, the next chance I get to purchase a ticket to San Diego...I'm there. Until then, looking forward to the new Flaco's - even if it is an homage.

      2. The downtown Flaco's had attractive Mexican waiters who would dance in the aisles for the female patrons. This made it a very popular lunch destination. The food was nice, too.

        1. You know, Flacos is back in the UCity Loop. I haven't had a chance to try it but I have been patiently waiting myself since they closed down. I hope they are as good as I remember!

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          1. re: Kempen

            From what I gather the food is very different as it is different owners who also fondly remembered the original. I think both Bonwich and Froeb have reviewed it at this point.

          2. I thought that Flaco's Tacos were pretty good and were as good as any that I have had in Socal. Of course, it has been at least 15 years but I still have the refrigerator magnet.