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Sep 21, 2007 01:02 PM

eat before a show at The Avalon?

Can anyone recommend a good place for two to eat before a show at The Avalon in Hollywood? I am just looking for good food and nice atmosphere..nothing fancy or super expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Lucky Devils is nearby and good.

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    1. re: hrhboo

      That would have been my rec.

      About four blocks down from the Avalon, there's Los Balcones del Peru also.

      And I keep meaning to try out the Thai place on the corner of Hollywood and Ivar (?) since I'm hoping to expand the roster of places-to-recommend-near-Pantages.

    2. I highly recommend Kung Pao Kitty on Hollywood and Cahuenga. It's asian, really dim lighting, good cocktails, pretty affordable, not crowded- i'm usually seated right away. I eat here before Avalon shows all the time.

      Kung Pao Kitty
      6445 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028