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Sep 21, 2007 12:37 PM

restaurants in/around Marbella?

We are spending a week in this area. We have a car, and will be visiting the white towns, etc. Any suggestions appreciated, especially near the town. Also, any good markets?

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  1. Make sure you visit Estepona - the least touristy town along the Costa. Good seafood around the main Plaza.

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      The Asador Guadalmina is usually packed for dinner by those who go to have large pieces of beef cooked on their charcoal grill. The prices are reasonable, the service friendly and the place unpretentious.

    2. I wish you good luck - I think you may struggle. We passed through last month and there seemed to be lots of tourist restaurants that did not look great. Suspect you need to head off the beaten track to find good traditional food.

      We did have two good meals in Ronda. For lunch we went to a Tapas bar, don't recall the name but easy to find. Stand outside the Parador and look across the street, there is an ally with lots of restaurants. Most are very touristy but we don't eat in restaurants with menus in three languages so avoided them. The one we chose has white, yellow and bright orange plastic armchairs - very trendy - approx the 2nd or 3rd up the ally. We chose it because everyone there was Spanish and the long tapas menu (inside he door) was only in Spanish. It was good value and the food was good.

      In the evening we ate in "Tragabuches" which is probably the areas top restaurant - a Michelin one star. It is very modern Spanish food with strong El Bulli style influences We chose the 15 course tasting menu with wine. Most of the dishes were great, one stand out was a Foie Gras millefeulle with a caramalised apple crust, another was a fantasticly intense mushroom soup. Less succesful was a very rare roast rabbit - tasty, but too rare for my taste. The wine selections were good and the servings quite generous. The one complaint I would have is that the food is served quite quickly with one courses following the other at quite a pace. Overal we enjoyed the meal and would return if in the area.

      We also checked out "Restaurante del Escudero" in Ronda, it has a good reputation but we decided against it because it seemed not really to know what it was - an interesting looking room, but a very touristy menu display. Maybe worth trying as they do have a nice terrace.