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Sep 21, 2007 12:22 PM

Need a muffuletta!

Who around central florida serves this awsome sandwich?!

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  1. One of my favorite sandwiches ever. You can get 'em at:

    Jockamo's New Orleans Kitchen in Orlando (at the intersection of John Young and Sand Lake):

    Jason's Deli (a chain, but a pretty good place, with locations in Orlando and Altamonte Springs):

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Jackamo's also has the ever-awsome fried dill pickle chips with remoulade! Worth the drive just for those!

    2. No one that I know of. There was just a really great muffuletta episode on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. I have been thinking about making my own one weekend. On a Friday night a couple weeks ago my husband and I made hot browns after seeing them on Throwdown lol.

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      1. OK so this reply is for all those people Googling "Muffaletta Orlando" and ending up here, years later. Don't go looking for Jockamo's, they closed years ago. Jason's is still around, and they do have a muffaletta, but I'm always disappointed by it. Let me explain.

        A real muffaletta (moo foo lat a) is ham salami swiss and mortadella with olive salad on a large flat round italian loaf. It is made, allowed to sit and "meld" and then inhaled.

        Jason's muffaletta (I won't even go into the turkey muff they serve...) is ham and salami (where's the mortadella?) with provolone (you can sub swiss, they have it) and olive salad (which is ok, but doesn't have the gardineria in it, so its more like just olives) on a "muffaletta loaf" which is honestly too hard and thick. It distracts from the sandwich. Oh, and to finish it all off, they freaking TOAST IT. WHYYYYYY? I asked for it cold, and they looked at me very strangely...I said, "and please don't toast it." They asked, "you want it cold?" I replied, "yes, cold. the way its supposed to be."

        BUT, I haven't been able to find a better version, so I suffer the too-hard mortadella-less muff at Jason's. Honestly, I'm probably going to just make a huge batch of olive salad and keep it at home and make my own muffs on Jimmy John's day old or something. Fortunately, I think largely due to the latino community in orlando, many grocery stores carry mortadella. I'm sure you could find it at specialty butchers and what not, but my local sedano's on 436 and curry ford has it, where the publix by my parents in Hunter's Creek does not. Good Luck!!!

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        1. re: jessehclark

          We get Boscoli olive salad at the Fresh Market. I think I like it a little better than Central Groceries.

          1. re: jessehclark

            Some Publixes carry mortadella from Boar's Head.

            You're right -- a cold muff that sits around and gets juicy is the authentic version, and far superior to Jason's toasted muff. (SNORT!)

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              By far the best I've ever had are ones from Central Grocery that my parents bought and brought home to Georgia for me. It would have been at least 48 hours from purchase until I was scarfing it down.

              I don't have the will power to let one sit around that long un-eaten.

          2. Tibby's New Orleans restaurant on Aloma in Winter Park has a decent muffuletta sandwich.

            I suggest you some green and black olives , jarred gardenia , a little red wine vinegar and EVO and blend [ chop] in a processor.

            Then get your mortadella ,and other deli meats at Publix, find adecent bread [ chiabatta suiprisingly works well] and make your own muffalatta.

            BTW, the olive mixture is awsome on grilled anduille sausages!

            1. Crazily enough, the muffaletta at the food court at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside resort is quite good. I'm originally from southern Louisiana, and was really surprised to find a decent muffaletta in Disney, but there it was. Photo attached.


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