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Sep 21, 2007 12:19 PM

Crown Wok, Oakland

Anyone had dinner at this place recently? Drove past last night around 7:30 and the place was packed, looked like everyone was Chinese. I would have tried it but my friends were intent on trying Shanghai.

Most recent detailed report I found was for a lunch from two years ago:

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  1. i always order takeout from there whenever IM in the mood for easy chinese at home and it has been the best Ive tried in the area so far.. really fresh ingredients, fresh fish... also they have a complete menu in chinese which is something I usually look for in a chinese restaurant because it means that alot of people who are used to eating foods that havent been "americanized" are eating there.

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      my Dad had his 80th birthday banquet there last year for 200 people and I had my doubts but the owners and the service were really great (we are fans of R& G Lounge in SF but may dad said the relatives and friends would not cross the bridge at night). they kept the restaurant open for other diners and it was still good. when ever we go up to visit him (we now live in LA)we have dinner there. He does live around the corner and is a regular but the food is consistantly good and reasonably priced. My 11 year old son always insists on the lobster and it is always delicious never over cooked

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        What dishes do you like best. Anything to avoid?

        Are you ordering off the Chinese menu? I ask because this place gets trashed elsewhere on the web so maybe the English menu isn't the way to go.

        Crown Wok
        1019 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94607

      2. Just went for lunch the other day. They have a great priced lunch menu. A lot of selection and very generous servings. I thought the food was just okay. Nothing really special. However, the dinner menu is much larger and probably fresher.

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          yes we order off the Chinese menu and usually the special of the day set dinner which takes about 8 people to eat. My Dad is into value and quantity, so it makes him happy. at his banquet they carved whole winter melons with symbols of longevity and served the soup inside. of course, there are better places to eat (its the bay area) but for convience and a nice meal its great.
          we usually order fish/crab/ vegetables, whole steamed or fried chicken, maybe a hot pot , we stick with the basics, simply prepared. we don't order the sweet and sour pork chops or the shrimp with the walnut/ mayo kind of stuff or lemon chicken. I could see the place getting trashed on the web because if you are looking for sensational this is not it. Its a great place for a family meal. thats why you see all the Chinese families in there and it's packed on a Sunday night. My kids love it and they are treated like royalty when they go there.

        2. I just had dinner here for the first time this past weekend for a large family dinner. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the food. One recommendation I have is the Crab Noodle dish (which is probably only on the dinner menu).

          Does anyone have a link to a online menu for this place?