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Sep 21, 2007 12:12 PM

Nigella Seeds in Brookline

I'm looking for nigella seeds for a recipe. I'd love to pick some up in Brookline. Any ideas of places that offer some? Otherwise I'll have to wait a while to get out to the Armenian stores in Watertown... TIA!

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  1. I believe the place is called Madras Masala, between the laundry and Nori Sushi, or on that block, of Harvard Ave, outside of Coolidge Corner on the way to Stop and Shop...

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    1. re: galleygirl

      gg, do you mean the one in the vicinity of the laundry and gari sushi? (I think that's the one that's called madras) There's also one on the other side of harvard, a little farther north, up towards coolidge corner. I've seen nigella in both places-- it's often labelled 'kalonji' in indian places. There's a little Indian market on washington at about school st, too.

      1. re: another_adam

        Yeah, I had the sushi place's nam ewrong...I figured most ofthe Indian places would have them, but I had actually purchased them at that one. Nicethat we canbeso picky about our favorite Indiangroceery...Make sure to ask about things you don't see here; when I needed a bunch of cilantro, andsome hot peppers, they pulled them out of a covered container in the fridge...For a fration of what they would have cost at the S&S a block further on...

        Now, where's Nori sushi? ;)

        1. re: galleygirl

          Ooh, good tip on the cilantro and peppers!
          I've gotten nigella from both Madras and Kashmir (the one on the other side and up a little, near the jewelry store and a dry cleaner's) I've never gotten anything at all from the one on Washington, but I always look at their sign for spices when I walk by :)

          Oh, and I think Nori is the one up harvard north of coolidge corner (on the west side), but I've never actually eaten there :)