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Sep 21, 2007 12:10 PM

BLT Steak

Why?! Just tell me why!?

I've read in a couple of places about a BLT Steak opening here in Miami. Why another steakhouse? Are there some secret eyeglasses out there that when you put them on you see Miamians as what they really are, insatiable carnivores who only want steakhouses? (Another set of glasses reveals us as insatiable pastavores wanting only Italian restaurants, but that's being taken over by the fusionovore glasses which reveals, well, you can guess).

What ticks me off is not that Tourandel is opening a steakhouse (well yes, it does tick me off), but that he has a successful seafood restaurant in NYC (BLT Fish). You're coming to Miami. Florida is surrounded by water. You don't see happy cows grazing around (and we know happy cows come from California) but you stick your hand in the bay and pop! there's a snapper!

The bright side I'm seeing in all of this is that just as a building glut has caused a drop in condo prices, maybe a glut of steakhouses will cause a drop in average steakhouse bills? Yeah right.

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  1. I have eaten at several of the BLT ventues in NYC, including both BLT Fish and BLT Steak, and I wouldn't be any more excited by one over the other. Not that the food is at all bad just woefully uninteresting. Personally I have never understood the appeal of the high end do-it-yourself restaurants, where you get to pick the cut of meat/fish, sauce and sides. Isn't the point of going to a restaurant with a talented chef that the dishes are composed in a unique and innovative way? Perhaps it would seem more fair if the do-it-yourself approach were priced at a discount but it never is. It is this lack of creativity in the menu that has put me off any of the current Tourondel projects.

    As for your more general compaint, beef is back in style. At least that is what I read a while ago about rising per capita beef consumption over the last 5 years leading to a nationwide steakhouse boom. Unfortunately I don't think this will have any impact on the average bill. Beef prices have been rising in general due to higher priced feed costs and the premium meats used in steak houses, whether aged prime, American wagyu or what have you are in even higher demand.

    1. Go to Doral or even across 67th Avenue in Miami Lakes from the Main Street shopping area and you'll find the happy cows of Miami....

      Point? Live and let live - the more steakhouses means the more variety of other restaurants GOT to be on the way! Plus, I'm sure some of the steakhouses are going to disappear after tourist season ends.

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        *the more steakhouses means the more variety of other restaurants GOT to be on the way*


      2. Where in Miami is BLT Steak going to be located, does anyone know?

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            Holy heck so we are going to have the Cleveland steakhouse, BLT, P112, S&W, and Devitos within 2 blocks of each other. LOL.

            1. re: tpigeon

              and dont forget bourbon steak opening in Turnberry...

              1. re: mikek

                I believe the correct address is 14th and Ocean-the Betsey Ross Hotel

        1. I don't know why (unless its a macho thing, my steak is bigger than yours) and was really hoping for BLT Fish since if I remember correctly he does a very good fish and chips. Something so simple and yet so totally lacking here.

          1. The original comment has been removed