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Sep 21, 2007 11:59 AM

Best Steak in NYC?

What's the best steak in Manhattan... to take my husband to for his birthday?

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  1. Since I am new but not to posting I am going to assume that there will be many opinions. I had a great steak at Sparks a couple of years ago.. Also heard great things from Del Monico as well as the Argentine Steak house on the west side Churascura Plataforma

    1. 1. Sparks
      2. Strip House
      3. The Post House

      1. There is also this place called Gallagher's close by Time square

        1. The steaks are high quality at Keen's Steakhouse, which has been on 36th Street since the 19th century. But for something that will appeal to any hungry carnivore, try the mountainous mutton chop. While not beefsteak, it's one of the more enjoyable cuts of meat in Manhattan. Plus I love Keen's collection of tens of thousands of clay pipes hanging from the ceiling that have been smoked by visitors such as Teddy Roosevelt, John Barrymore, General MacArthur, and Baby Ruth. I would think a visit would be a memorable experience for you both as you celebrate in the festive ambiance of dark wood, sheep meat and tobacco paraphernalia. Best, Walmsley Apricot

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            My vote would be:
            1) Sparks
            2) Gallaghers (try the sliced steak)
            3) BLT Steak

            I loved Smith and Wollensky when it first opened, and I assume that the quality is still high, but they've branched out and I tend not to trust restaurants after they've gone national. Some people rave about Keen's but I am not fond of the atmoshere.