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Good food & Leafs TV Downtown?

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Is there any place with both?

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  1. I'm guessing, but Gretzky's must play games, I've only had their wings as take out a few years ago but I like them...touristy but probally as good as any for a sports bar...

    1. I was at the Mill Street Brew Pub this week and many of their TV's were tuned to Leafs TV. Not really my thing, but it was definitely watchable from most seats.

      Mill Street Brew Pub
      55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

      1. IMHO, The Wheat Sheaf is the gold standard for Leaf-watching in Toronto.

        Granted it's a little grunge-y, but the atmosphere is charmingly patriotic. And I think the food is quite passable pub fare (burgers, wings, nachos are all OK), although I'm not quite prepared to call it "good."

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          Agreed. Plus as a bonus for the Tuesday night games, wings are half price.

        2. I was really hoping that in hockey mad Toronto, there might be one place that goes beyond pizza, wings, and beer. While I appreciate not having to look at your food while watching the game, I still think there should be one place where a game and a decent meal can be had together. Anywhere? Anyone?

          1. Well... it's kind of a long shot (and a complete pendulum swing), but there's a TV in the bar at Bymark. I've been there while the basketball game was on, so I wouldn't be surprised if you can catch hockey too?? It was terrible for date night, but...

            1. In two years, not many updates on this thread...

              Really is a need for a list of viable places downtown with both Leafs TV & also good & *healthy* (if poss.) food.

              Leafs TV is subscription-only, so a lot of places that might have the game on when it's on CBC, Sportsnet or TSN, may not carry the games that are shown only on Leafs TV.

              Scallywag's is OK up on St. Clair & Yonge, but the healthy options are still pretty few there, and that's still not in the heart of downtown.

              My fiancee is pre-diabetic & only eats fish/veg, (no meat other than fish meat.) & has to be careful with too much cheese/carbs/fat, etc. -- Which is the staple of most sports bars.

              Any thoughts? Anyone know of veg.-friendly, health-friendly downtown places where you can also be guaranteed the Leafs games on Leafs TV will be on?

              1. Try the Bottom Line. Great food. They have Raptors TV, Leaf TV, the NFL network.

                Bottom Line
                22 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J1C4, CA