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Sep 21, 2007 11:44 AM

Avery Ranch Area

My wife and I are closing on our first out in Avery Ranch next month, and really don't know that area that well. Any recommendations for good eats that way? Especially good, relatively cheap mexican/tex-mex food? That's our comfort food and honestly, we've had a hard time finding decent mexican (or even tex-mex) food in North Austin/RR/Cedar Park areas. I'm sure we just aren't looking at the right places. Please, direct us to the tasty goods. Thank you.

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  1. There's not a whole lot in the area, but here are some recent threads that may be useful:

    If you happen to find anything else decent in the area, please report back with details!

    1. Taqueria Arandias on 620 in RR, across from RR High school is cheap and good!