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Sep 21, 2007 11:26 AM

Where to buy pierogies and chow fun to bring back home? (and thank you)

Thanks to everyone who helped so much on our last trip to Chicago with great recommendations. We loved the kitchy wonder that was Portillo's, the Greek Islands dinner was fabulous, and we really had fun sampling some Chicago favorites.

This time we're only going to be up for a quick doctor check-up and only need to be there one overnight. I was thinking I'd pick up some things we can't get in our area - like real pierogies and some fresh chow fun that we can cook back home.

Again, we'll have five kids with us - so minimal driving is greatly preferred. We're staying in Bolingbrook.

Thanks again! :)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For the Pierogis, I would go to Frank Bobak's, at 955 W. 75th street in Naperville. Take the kids with, they have a buffet style restaurant inside the grocery, which serves the products the store sells.

      Chow fun might be tougher close by, I would try Westbrook Market, at the corner of 63rd and Cass in Wetmont (630)737-1400, or Whole Grain Fresh Market, at 665 Pasquinelli dr. in Westmont (630)323-8180. There is a small asian strip mall that has a decent asian food court as well.

      Off topic, but in your area, if you like eastern european fare, there is a small Lithuania deli/restaurant called Smilga, at the corner of 83rd street and Lemont road that I'd highly recommend.

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        Your information is WAY out of date. Bobak's left Naperville quite a while ago and its replacement, Garden Fresh Market, is quite different in quality (they also had a buffet restaurant for a few months but is it now closed). Bobak's fell apart because Frank Bobak started making his own sausage and passing it off as Bobak's original. This led to a major lawsuit among the brothers and Frank's business shrunk when he had to stop selling REAL Bobak sausages and other meats. The only real Bobak's is on Archer Ave.

        Yesterday, Super H Asian Market opened in Naperville (Ogden Mall, corner of Ogdan Ave and Naperville Rd). It has just about every Asian product you could want.

        In the same mall is Cho Dang Tofu Village which has very authentic Koren dishes (not all of which include tofu). Worth trying if you like Korean.

        One block west of Ogden Mall is Iroquois Mall where you will find Joy Yee Noodles. They serve a very wide range of oriental dishes, many with noodles. Service is good, food delivered fast, and it is quite good. Their beef or pork chow fun are both good. Best to eat it there while freshly made, but they offer take-out as well.

        1. re: CJT

          The market which just opened in Naperville (their second location in the Chicago area; the first is in Niles) is called H Mart. Some of them have the word "Super" on the sign, the same way as some Target stores do. Their website address is (surprise, surprise).

          1. re: nsxtasy

            I was at the grand opening yesterday of the Naperville Super H-Mart (it does have "super" in the name). It was so crowded that walking in the store was nearly impossible, and the wait to check out was more than 45 minutes. I was planning to buy a couple items, but I put them back on the shelves and will return in a couple weeks when things calm down.

            1. re: markh

              You gotta go on the weekdays. Weekends are a madhouse.

          2. re: CJT

            Thanks for the update, I knew they'd converted to Frank Bobacks fresh marketplace, but hadn't been there since very early summer, so wasn't aware of the other changes. I still would think, unless they've totally jumped the shark, that they'd have some decent pierogis. Was just trying to keep them close to Bolingbrook, which the Archer Bobak isn't.

            Your Asian suugestions sound great, we'll have to check them out!

          3. re: zeegaziga

            Anything current on this? I'd really like some pierogis to take home. I don't seem to get much googling Smilga that is current. We did like Healthy Food on our last visit. Well I did but then I had Lithuanian grandparents. "Kugelis...the Breakfast of Champions."

            1. re: msazadi

              We received a recommendation from the caretaker at the Polish Museum on where to buy pierogis, and they're fantastic:

              Alexandra Foods
              3304 N. Central Ave.
              Chicago IL
              (773) 282-3820

          4. The Red Apple, a Polish smorgasbord restaurant at 3121 N Milwaukee (just below Belmont), has a big refrigerator case near the cashier's desk that is full of all kinds of pierogies to take home---meat, sauerkraut, mushroom, plum, strawberry etc..Bring a cooler. Parking is in rear of restaurant.

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            1. re: Querencia

              Fantastic. I'll mapquest that.

              Does anyone know, for sure, of a place I can find Chow Fun that I can take home - to the St. Louis area. I'm JUST looking for noodles - not prepared :)

              (five kids - unfamiliar territory - I know my husband will not want to be running in and out of asian grocers hoping to find it *somewhere*) :)

              1. re: ChasingChe

                I bought some last week in Chinatown at the Chinatown Market...they do have a free parking lot!
                Made mine with beef:

                Chinatown Market
                2121 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL

                1. re: delk

                  Based on your last comment and your desire to keep dirving to a minimum, I suggest again that you go to the newly opened Super H Market in Ogden Mall, Naperville (Ogden at Naperville Rd, same mall as K-mart; store was formerly Dominick's). They have just about every kind of noodle you would want, plus an enormous variety of other Asian items, including all types of oriental vergetables and condiments.

            2. You should be able to find fresh chow fun at Diho Market on Ogden off of 83, in Westmont.
              Here's a link to a map:

              btw, buy it right before you leave and you gotta cook it fairly soon after you get home ... the stuff has no preservatives and get hard quickly.

              also H mart is Korean and I have not seen any chow fun noodles there.

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              1. re: citywayne

                PIEROGI GIRL


                I am selling Homemade Pierogi's with your choice of delicious fillings!!
                Great for the holidays, parties, and anytime in between.
                Also available GLUTEN FREE!!

                Fillings include:
                Sauerkraut with or without Mushrooms
                Potato with Cheese and Bacon
                Potato with Chive
                Sweet Cheese with or without Strawberries
                Apple Cinnamon

                $8.50 first dozen
                $7.50 each additional dozen

                Prices:(Gluten Free)
                $10.00 each dozen
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