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Sep 21, 2007 11:13 AM

Looking for a good special occasion spot on the Peninsula.

I've been brainstorming for about two weeks now, trying to come up with a good spot for an anniversary dinner. I love fine dining, he'll eat pretty much anything. It can't be TOO expensive. I'd really prefer someplace where we won't see people in shorts and sandals.

To give an idea of the type of places I'm looking for, I was originally considering Sushi Tomo in Mountain View, because the food is excellent. It's a little too casual though, and we eat sushi all the time. Next up on the list was Sundance Steakhouse, but for some reason we're feeling like two bellies stuffed full of beef won't make for the type of evening we're going for.

He is a huge fan of creole and cajun food. Loves New Orleans. Can anyone tell me about CreoLa's atmosphere? Is it really casual? Do people dress up even a little bit? This is going to be on a Saturday night.

I'm open to other suggestions as well. This needs to be between Sunnyvale and San Carlos. It should be noted that I'm pretty tired of every downtown Palo Alto restaurant.


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  1. For our anniversay recently, my hubby and I went to John Bentley's in Woodside, which was delicious. I've read and heard that the John Bentley's in RWC (on El Camino Real) is even better, but we like the quaintness of the Woodside spot.

    Also in Woodside is The Village Pub, also really good - it's practically next door to JB's.

    In Mountain View, there is Chez TJ - leading edge food in a home setting.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks Sandra, I'll check out Bentley's. I'm familiar with Chez TJ and am interested in eating there sometime, but it's a little too fancy for what I'm looking for. I'd go there with a girlfriend or my mom, someone who would appreciate the small plates and trendy presentation (e.g., foam). But that's the type of stuff my guy would stare at with a raised brow. :)

    2. I'll second the Village Pub recc. We also enjoy Bodeguita del Medio on Cal Ave. in Palo Alto.

      1. I would third the Village Pub, but would also throw out Divino in Belmont. It's a bit of an odd location on Ralston, but might strike the right balance of casual/fancy with real Italian fare (as opposed to Italian American).

        968 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA 94002

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          I would fourth the Village Pub for an anniversary dinner; then John Bentley's RWC. Pub has a nicer ambiance but more. "I'm pretty tired of every downtown Palo Alto restaurant"...know what you mean. For me personally, Kanpai is on my list to try next as I just got into Japanese. And thanks to my recent discovery of CH, I am willing to drive more to try different places.

        2. Just picking up on the vibe here, my guess is that the BF is not a Village Pub or J Bentley type . Although both are very good restaurants, both can be a bit stuffy, especially VP which is mostly patronized by Woodside money. My pick from this thread would be La Bodeguita -- the food is good & abit exotic (Cuban), atmostphere is lively, and it seems to be in the right place on the casual/formal spectrum.

          1. I fifth the Village Pub. Lots of charm and elegance. The menu's expanded since I've been to include charcuterie, cheese, bar food. You can always get the yummy pub burger and steak frites.