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Sep 21, 2007 10:55 AM

Best Values in SEA and PDX

I'm collecting nominations for the best values in the PNW. Fast food, hotdog stands, taco trucks are excluded for this exercise (unless said taco truck's combinacion numero uno is exceptionally good, of course :-)

So how about it - where are the places where you sat down, ate, paid your bill and left your tips, then said to yourself - "Wow. The food was good, and I'm sure I underpaid"?

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  1. To me, Tamarind Tree and Green Leaf represent tremendous values. I am sure that prices have since risen, but the first time I went to TT a year ago, I was stunned by the prices after seeing the food quality.

    Also, just last night I had a big spread of chef's selection sashimi, sushi, and a couple of appetizers at Kisaku and it came out to $130 for four people w/o tip. I think that is quite a deal considering the quality of the fish and the presentation

    1. Agree with equinoise, Tamarind Tree and Green Leaf are great values. Certainly the best I can think of in terms of quality of food to price.

      The sushi special (lunch only) at Bush Garden is also a great deal. $6.10 before tax/tip gets you miso soup, salad, 5 pieces of nigiri, and two hand rolls. (Obviously the fish and rice are of acceptable quality. Otherwise it wouldn't be a good deal even if it were free.)

      1. In the St. Johns area of Portland go to Nicola's Pizza & Pasta at 4826 N. Lombard. This is a red gravy, Italian place that has outstanding fare at a very reasonable price. I grew up in the Italian loving area of New Jersey, and this is the best I've found on the W. Coast.


          1. In the Beaverton-Tigard suburb of Portland try Hapa Grill at 14625 SW Teal Blvd, Beaverton (near the intersection of Murray and Scholls Ferry) for Asian Fusion/Hawaiian at a great price. Try the Ribs on the appetizer menu.