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Sep 21, 2007 10:50 AM

Steak Recs near Thousand Oaks

Where can the hubby and I get a good steak near Thousand Oaks? The only catch is that my toddler will be coming with us and we would like to avoid killing the "mood" for other couples.

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  1. Hmm ... a steak house with a toddler? Perhaps try something really casual, like the Hungry Hunter.

    1. I'd recommend the Dragon Steak (filet mignon) at Moz Buddha Bar in Agoura, but not sure with a toddler. Otherwise, perhaps Woodranch BBQ in Moorpark or Bandits BBQ in TO. They're more kid friendly.

      1. Hungry Hunter is probably your best bet, but honestly I'd go to Mastro's and make them give me a private room.

        1. Hungry Hunter is closed.
          There are two steak places in Thousand Oaks I've seen one is Corrigans and the other is The Meat Locker. both on T.O. Blvd.
          I haven't been to either of these and the Chowhounds board is strangely silent on these establishments so I don't know if they are that good. They have been around for ages though.

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            I have not been to Corrigan's, but when I lived in TO, everyone warned me off of it in the strongest possible terms.

          2. It's a very specific kind of steak, but if you like bone-in rib-eye, I've had great ones from both Galetto's and Zin's. Galetto's seems toddler friendly to me, and I would think Zin's would be as well, particularly if you dined on the early side.

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              homebound -- If you wait until this current "LA storm" passes through, next week might be warm enough to dine on the outdoor patio at Zin's. We recently had a very pleasant and tasty lunch there. You can secure an outside, perimeter seat and run around the corner if you need an escape or just a little toddler activity. Also, try a week night..a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and call ahead for your best accommodations.

              Zin's is on the lake, so there are a lot of feathered friends strutting around -- perhaps a good thing for your toddler, or maybe not???

              32131 Lindero Canyon
              Westlake Village

              1. re: liu

                If you're looking for a really top steak then my personal opinion is to get a baby sitter and go to Dakota's or Mastro's.

                I do not recommend the Meat Locker, absolutely horrible! and zero atmosphere, and Corrigan's is only a little better (at least they have inside seating and tables).

                You can always go to Black Angus or Outback, but again, nothing exceptional food wise, very chainish and ordinary.

                One place I would recommend is the Crown and Anchor (TO Blvd/Skyline). I haven't had a steak there but I've enjoyed everything I have ordered. Good drinks too!

                While many here object to it, I think the food is pretty good at Cheesecake Factory. I had their marinated skirt steak and steak Dianne and while it is corportae, I do think they pay attention to quality. (side note: Whatever I've ordered there from steak to hamberger has always been cooked exactly to order). The only drawback with a todder is the wait.

                My best recommendation to you is go to Fudrucker's, Bandits or Wood Ranch, and save the big bucks for when you can go sans toddler!!


                1. re: LesThePress

                  I'm a great big fan of Crown and Anchor -- I think it's the best restaurant in TO (somewhere, Mastro's just spat out their coffee). They make a delicious beef wellington, so you have to believe that they can do a delicious steak, too. While it is a pub, keep in mind that it's a pub in the English sense, and I've definitely seen kids in that establishment.

                  Crown & Anchor
                  2891 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                    I've just decided where we're going to dinner tonight!

                    Actually C&A has a chicken curry dish that is to die for!! Goes great with a Bombay Martini. YUMMMM!!!

                    1. re: LesThePress

                      That madras curry is good stuff. My favorite pub faire there, though, is the Toad in the Hole: bangers sausage and onions, covered in gravy served in Yorkshire pudding. I always order a side of fries to dip in the gravy 'cause I'm cheeky like that.

                      My favorite app there is the Scotch Egg: a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, breaded and baked. I still use that as my metric to see how good the kitchen is at any pub. Dipped in hot mustard and cooled off with a pint of Carlsberg...

                      The pizzas are quite good, the fish tacos are pretty decent (a combination of having fish and chips as well as Mexican cooks). The patty melt is amazing, and the salads are large enough to hide a football. An American one.

                      And of course, there's Russ the bartender, who looks like Jimmy Page. I love how all the regulars (of which I was once one of them) have placards at the bar where they always sit, like an office placard.

                      1. re: SauceSupreme

                        Our tastes are very different, but the Patty Melt sounds good. I may have one tonight.

                        It's a shame that in this highly populated area there are NO Indian restaurants. There used to be one up on Los Arobles (that burned down several months ago) but it was horrible.

                        The closest Indian restaurant I've found is in Ventura, but since our regular dinner out is Friday night, I'm not about to jump into that traffic, not for any kind of food!!!

                        1. re: LesThePress

                          The Taj Cafe?

                          YUM. Luckily I'm in Ventura. Just went there the other day. Best I've had in VC.

                          1. re: LesThePress

                            Taj Cafe is one of the most filthy, disgusting, tasteless Indian places I have ever been. Went once and I will never return.

                            There is an Indian deli at Apna Spiceland in the Palms Plaza (by 24 Hour Fitness) on TO Blvd that serves takeout and has a few tables on the sidewalk. It is cheap and filling and while it isn't in the pantheon of great Indian food, it is the only game in town.

                            They serve dosas after 5:30 p.m. BUT NOT BEFORE. I have begged at 5:15 and they are very clear on this LOL.

                            No steak, though.