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Sep 21, 2007 10:29 AM

Review - Le Zie (172 7th Avenue @ 20th St, 212 206 8686)

Review - Le Zie (172 7th Avenue @ 20th St, 212 206 8686)

This is a solid neighborhood Italian place, with a Florentine feel. The layout is kind of rambling so finding friends waiting for you can be a little vexing, but it has a nice ambience.
We were seated in the back room , which has a nook for a fountain and a small bar. They allow corkage for $20, with nice Spiegelaus so we brought a couple of decent reds.

They brought some bread and garlic oil out to start while our appetizers were being prepared. The bread was good and went well with my salumi platter ($12). It had some cubes of grilled polenta which were interesting. The ohters had a bean soup ($6) and some carpaccio ($10) which looked ok, but nothing special.

For the main course I had monkfish wrapped in pancetta ($16) which was excellent, and very lobster/scallop like -- crispy on the outside, plump on the inside. However the dish was pretty small, perhaps more akin to appetizer size than entree size. The others had a fish special ($25) and a veal ragu over rigatoni ($15) which looked competent but nothing special.

I liked the place, but would not make great efforts to go back unless I was in the nabe and needed an Italian place at short notice sans reservations.


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  1. Thought this review was spot-on. Had heard high praise for Le Zie, but didn't find anything special or mindblowing. Just pretty good food at pretty good prices.

    1. This is my favorite joint in that neck of the woods. The monkfish has been on the menu for years. I have ordered it many times and am always satisfied. Portion size seemed just fine to me. They do tend to bread you up pretty well there, though.

      1. Thanks for your detailed review - appreciate it. For some (ignorant) reason, I always thought it was a French place!

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          As did I, MMRuth!!! :) WIth a name like'd think!

        2. I started going there almost five years ago, and have noticed a slight decline in quality, but overall the place is pretty good for the prices. I must complain that on several occasions my partner and I suffered some serious heart-burn indigestion from the spaghetti, and lasagna so we stay away from those two. I love the Monkfish too and often order that as well. We live across the street from Pepe Giallo and next to Bottino's so this place is a nice middle ground of price and quality for the chelsea nabe.

          1. I think you've captured Le Zie pretty well -- a great neighborhood place but hardly destination dining. I wouldn't go out of my way for it, but when I lived in the neighborhood, I ordered delivery and takeout weekly. If you do find yourself there again, try some of the pastas like the ricotta and spinach tortelli or the lasagna. I like them better than the mains.

            PS: The tricolor salad and the beet salad are two other faves. One of those plus a pasta makes for a very filling dinner.