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Sep 21, 2007 10:29 AM

Whats your favorite Tea Cafe? Why?

-have become a tea nut recently and will be spending a long weekend in Sherman Oaks and will have lots of free time to enjoy tea - any rec's- have car,will travel anyplace in greater LA - Thanks!

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  1. We like Aloha Boba in Monrovia on Huntington. They have a great variety of teas, good sandwiches, and they offer Fosselman's ice cream. Cindy, the owner, is really sweet, and they run a nice, clean tea house. They also have a decent collection of board games if you find that appealing.

    1. For boba, Iso Cafe in Westwood is a fun space with pretty good drinks and food.

      For hot tea, Elixir on Melrose.

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          Elixir is gone, and in it's place is the Tea Garden. I had a light lunch and tea there last week. They have food from the macrobiotic M Cafe delivered, so your lunch looks like it came out of one of those plastic salad containers. Nonetheless, the seared tuna salad I had was delicious. (In fact, I have thought about going and getting one for lunch almost every day since...) They had a great selection of rooibos, green and white teas, but scant options for a lot of herbal teas that one might find down the street at Urth. The teas they carry are very high quality and arrive at your table "perfectly steeped" (that's what our server said, which seemed pretty accurate). As Elixir did, they also offer "tonics" to remedy many ailments, including hangover cures, libido enhancers, etc. for around ten bucks a pop. The whole place now feels much more transcendental/spiritualist with afternoon tarot readings and meditation music playing. Though I tend to get annoyed by that stuff, I was not bothered by it...

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            Ah, thanks for the update, I hadn't been there in years. But man, the new place feels *more* spiritualist than Elixir? I can't imagine how that could be possible, unless the Bodhi Tree branced out into beverages.

      1. For boba, I too like Aloha Boba a lot -- Cha for Tea is a close runner up, as well as ZenZoo.

        For authentic teas, I like Les Palais des Thes in Beverly Hills.

        For more "afternoon tea" type places (finger sandwiches, scones & cakes) - I like Jin Patisserie in Venice & Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena


        1. Green Tea Terrace in Westwood - good quality Japanese green tea that is brewed carefully (most of the time). Never tried the boba there, but for traditional green tea, it is great.

          1. Hugo's in studio city has a good selection of organic teas. They sell and serve teas.

            I am not a tea nut but they have a large selection.

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              I am such a sucker for a French press. Second Hugo's.