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Sep 21, 2007 10:22 AM

Anyone ever order beer to be shipped?

I am interested in ordering both Goose Island beers and Fat Tire which are not available on East Coast and wondered if it would be possible and worthwhile to order through mail and have shipped.

I was curious to hear the experience of others that may have done this and what companies they may have used because I dont believe the brewery will ship directly.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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  1. Technically illegal to have beer shipped into New Jersey (IIRC you're a Garden State resident)-


    ...but, then, so is speeding and talking on the cell phone while driving, and that doesn't seem to stop anyone from doing it (often simutaneously).

    I've had no problem with having beer shipped to me (altho' the store I bought most frequently from, Portland OR's Belmont Station, no longer does it due to UPS problems on their end). Here's a nice website that lists a number of well-known internet beer sellers:


    The only other one I've dealt with is VA's Vintage Cellars and had no problems.

    As noted over on BA, the shipping costs are quite steep (bottled beer is heavy, no getting around it). Tho' NJ has a lousy "on premise/brewery/brewpub" culture, we do get a great selection of beers sold for off-premise consumption and I'm satisfied enough with what we get to not bother to buy mail order. If I *did* want to get beers not available in NJ, I'd go the beer trade route (BA, RB and Realbeer all have trading communities).

    1. I have used Archers liquors, and recommend them. http://web.mac.com/archerliquors/Arch...

      They sell New Belgium products (Including Fat Tire) and Goose Island.

      They ship to most states on the east coast too.

      Funny, I thought it was a mandatory federal law that Fat Tire had to be sold in every single bar and liquor store in America.

      1. Try Dogfish head beers. I have ordered them out here to los angeles. They are nearly impossible to get over here. They have excellent beers. I recommend there Indian brown ale, 60 Minute IPA and 90 Minutes IPA.

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          I have Dogfish Head available everywhere I look out here, a bit of a fan but not a huge fan. Its funny, you have full access to the ones I want out there and Ive got full reign of DFH.

          Any way we can make a trade through mail?

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            I noticed that you asked this question on Beer Advocate in the trading forum. No luck? If you can't get a trade together on Beer Advocate or Ratebeer, I highly recommend Archers (on my earlier post).

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              yup, that was me... can you tell Im eager?

              thanks for the info.

        2. I order every Xmas. Usally Deschutes Jubel and some other West coast xmas brews of rus NY's. However, Goose Island is sold in NYC right now.

          1. Not to be a wet blanket, but microbrews are meant to be enjoyed close to where they are brewed. Perhaps shipping is better now (but still expensive) but I tried some shipped beers a couple of times, and the beers were basically undrinkable by the time they got to me.

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              I trade beers around the country all the time and have never had this problem.

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                I have been mail ordering beer since about 94 and in all that time, I've had 1 broken bottle and all have been drinkable. Then again, I only order in December, not July or August.