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Sep 21, 2007 10:04 AM

Cooking, Cheese or Wine Classes?

My boss asked me to investigate the idea of taking our team from work to a cooking class, or maybe a cheese or wine class as a team building event. Anyone have any suggestions or know of any good ones?

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  1. I know two companies that are very good and one wonderful chef.

    My DH and I took a weekend of classes at Casa Lana's.(gourmet retreat) Wonderful experience. She does classes for individuals and for team building.

    Murder on the Menu is owned by friends of mine. I have seen small examples of their work, but haven't been a part of the team building. When you get to the website look at the index and click on Team Building Unlimited. I have seen Frank do the chocolate tasting and enjoyed being a part of that. The Murder on the Menu part of the company is excellent too.

    Marie Simmons is an excellent chef and well known cookbook author. (I bought her services at a REAF auction). She just did a dinner at my home and taught 6 of us to make pasta. She would have taught us other items of the dinner, but my small kitchen didn't allow it. Very hands on experience. I think her website is out of date. I didn't see any classes she is doing. I would suggest you email her to see about a team building experience.

    Hope this helps.

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      1. yes, indeed the cheese School of San Francisco - might be able to come up with something.....they recently moved (from russian hill to north beach - haven't checked out their new location but they have excellent and entertaining classes....)

        1. I've taken a number of classes with Rosetta Constantino in Emeryville. Her classes would be perfect for your purpose - & the Calabrian food is outstanding.