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Sep 21, 2007 10:00 AM

Italian glass wine aerator/pourer

While in Tuscany this past week, we were in a restaurant in Montalcino where the waiter had a neat wine pourer/aerator. It attached directly to the wine bottle, looked like a glass globe, and he poured the wine into the globe, then tipped it into our glasses. I was able to find a similar item in a wine store in Castelina in Chianti, but the globe is shaped like a bunch of grapes.

I've been seaching on line valiantly to try to find another one or two to buy. I'm not evaluating the effectiveness, but simply the 'funness' of using this.

Does anyone have a source or suggestion for buying these? I've tried multiple seaches under "wine aerators" "wine decanting" "wine funnels" (although this really isn't a funnel) and about any other term I could think of.

Thanks for any and all help!

Nan C.

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  1. There was a discussion of a similar device a while back:

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    1. re: carswell

      Thanks - info on the Vinturi is about all I can find.

      But the glass globe pourer/aerator we saw looked very different. Just interested for the novelty of it - it looks very fun and seemed to be very effective on the young tannic reds we drank.

      1. re: commissaris

        Have you searched "wine [or bar] accessories"?

        1. re: FrankJBN

          Yup - I've tried both of these. I've even tried the name on the box of the grape bunch shaped one - "Il Dosavino" - still without success.

    2. Is it the 'Vinoglobe' that you're looking for?

      Sounds like this fits the bill. Never used one, but rembmered seeing it in my web travels...


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        This is close, but the other one has a small side ways spout to pour sideways out of the globe.


      2. I was shown an item, some time ago, that I think is what you're describing. It was really more of a measured pouring device than an aerator. It was available in a couple of different globe sizes, each configured in ounces to measure out specific pours. The way it worked was that you tipped the bottle to fill the globe, then had to change the angle to pour from the globe into the glass. The globe was so small (4oz, 6oz), and the distance the wine traveled into it so short that my take on it was that it would not significantly aerate the wine. It was rather expensive for a pour measurer, if I recall. More of a conversation piece than anything else.

        If I find anything specific on it I'll repost.

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        1. re: Midlife

          Thanks to all of the suggestions I think I've finally found it - the "Centellino" at


          1. re: commissaris

            I love the translation in the movie on that website - "Taste good!"

            1. re: commissaris

              OK, forgive me, but that's the stupist thing I've ever seen! Looking at the video of the "Centellino," 1) it does very little in terms of aeration to the wine; 2) by rotating the bottle 90 degrees to empty the "amphora," you've disturbed (read "shaken up" any sediment within the bottle and ruined the clarity of the wine.

              Judging by the two videos, the "Vinoglobe" does a MUCH better job of aeration than the "Centellino," but it, too, would disturb the sediment, and rather badly!

              I would never use either one.

              What's so difficult with decanting the bottle???

              1. re: zin1953

                The one I saw looked just like the Centellino except that the "amphora"(?) was completely round. I wasn't so concerned about sediment but just didn't think it would aerate. It was presented to me as a measure device that would look cool in our wine bar, where we are limited to 2oz. pours. Unfortunately they did not make a 2oz size.

                1. re: Midlife

                  There ARE such devices that "limit" the pour. Butthat is their primary purpose . . . not to aerate the wine.

          2. The original comment has been removed
              1. re: dgreenbe

                Hey dg..
                Have you used the versovino?
                I have the Vinturi wine aerator and really like it..
                ; )

                1. re: Condiment Queen

                  And what about the sediment that gets constantly shaken from twisting the bottle back and forth?