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Sep 21, 2007 09:49 AM

The Troubadour, West Hollywood. Need Recommendations

Not that familiar with West Hollywood and what will be near (maybe even in walking distance) to the Troubadour. I prefer something without more than a 30 minute wait, under $25 per person (without drinks).

Any suggestions?? Looking for good Pizza, Argentinean, Mexican or Thai.

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  1. Vito's is the best pizza in the city -- it's on La Cienega, so probably a 15 miunte walk. Z Pizza is down the street on Santa Moinca but it's not very good. Right near The Troubadour is Dan Tana's and The Palm, but you might go over your $25pp budget. No really good Thai in the hood. For Mexican, you could try Marix --- but that's more tex-mex and probably a 15 minute walk down Santa Monica Blvd. There's also an Indian restaurant close by (Gate of India, I think).

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      VITOS - I've been meaning to try it out. Now, do they only serve up a 18" pie? THat is what it says on the website. There's only the two of us and I don't want to carry around a pie all night. Do they sell pizza by the slice on a Friday night? What will the wait be like?

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        They do serve pizza by the slice, the wait for a slice is usually only a few minutes.

    2. Next door, Dan Tana's. But it may exceed your budget.

      1. last time i was there, a couple of years ago, there was a surprisingly good indian place only a couple of doors away. specifics escape me.

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          The Indian place virtually next door is called Flavor of India and, I agree, it is surprisingly good. I've been a couple of times prior to Troubadour shows and I recommend it. The people I introduced to the place the second time really liked it as well. (They've even let me keep my car at the Flavor of India lot until after the Troubadour show, though I've been warned to make sure the lot doesn't close too early. In any case, parking once will serve both places.)

        2. I don't know how far down it is and it may be hard to get away for less than $25 per person but Bin 8945 is around there and has really good food.

          1. I'm assuming you're going to the Troubadour for a show.

            My wife and I have always wanted to eat the food IN the Troubadour. But we never have.

            They've got a hommos plate, among other things, that looks pretty good.

            I say you TOFTT and eat in the Troubadour and let the rest of us know how the food is.

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              Yup, going to check out a great band from Montreal called The Besnard Lakes. Kind of a mix of The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd (I think they are closer to the Minnesota band, Low) however this is not a music review so I'll shut up now. I've been to my fair share of shows at the Troubadour. The snack shack never looked all that appetizing to me. I've read up on a few blogs on it. If we get caught in terrible traffic I may just brave the sea of sausage and little league treats to fill my hunger. I'll let you know. So far, Vito's is my top pick.

              1. re: missmodular818

                Vito's is indeed great, easily LA's best bang-for-the-buck, and they have lots of slices. But unless you are race walking -- or jogging -- it is more like 20-25 min from the Troub. For something good, coser, and also well-priced, you might consider Bossa Nova on Robertson, just S of Santa Monica.

                Agree that Flavor of India is quite good.