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Sep 21, 2007 09:43 AM

Swanky Cocktails for Ladies Night Out?

Several friends and I are looking for someplace nice downtown (read: valet and champagne available) for cocktail hour . We'd like a nice atmosphere where we will be able to converse without shouting and order some decent drinks. Poste is nice but we went there last week... Any other suggestions?

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  1. I'm not entirely sure they have a valet but I'm sure they have champagne at PS7's. It's a great place to get together for a ladies night out. The mixed drinks are wonderful as well as the lounge menu if you want to get some mini bites to eat.

    Another idea would be Proof but the bar can get very, very crowded so perhaps you would want to go during the week (think Mon-Weds) or grab some drinks and finish them at the table for dinner.

    Finally Oya has a very, chic stylish bar. They have champagne and enough space where you can grab a table and enjoy some small plates and conversation.

    All of these spots are found in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area.

    1. Perhaps Proof? I haven't been there yet, but after reading the Washington Post review it sounds like it might fit the bill. Anyone who has been?

      Zola has a nice bar normally, and valet.

      A lot of other places that are coming to my mind are all very loud, that seems to be a common problem in DC.

      1. The bar at Oya is very swanky. Consider also 701 (often has live jazz and has valet), Zola, the bar at Rasika, the bar at Ten Penh (while I'm not often a fan of the food here, the bar area is quite nice), the Willard (though I've had horrible service in that back bar, not the round bar in front), and the Mayflower Hotel.

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          Oya is swanky, but when I was there it was really loud, although I think I was there pretty late after 1ish probably. Perhaps it is quieter earlier? And do they have valet? I don't think they do.

          Also what about Taberna? I again have never been for their happy hour or to their bar, but other people on here go on and on about their happy hour specials if you hit that time this might be an option. I bet they have great cava.

          Vidalia even has champagne by the glass and I love their small pours!

          Zaytinya is definetly very loud.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            Taberna's happy hour is great if you want some delicious tapas and spanish wines or sangria. But you need to get there a little early to get a seat. Also you must order all your food before 7pm in order to get the discount. Good idea especially if you want good eats though.

        2. When I think swanky and trendy I think of a few places- first I think of Zaytinya- their food is borderline terrible in my book, but they run a nice bar and I know for a fact they have actual champagne and not just sparkling white on their list. I also know they have valet.

          I also think of Vidalia- yes it's downstairs, but their bar area is wonderful and I know they have valet and champagne.

          Another place I think of that my ex used to take me to and we loved was the Topaz hotel bar- I believe they have valet and they have a great champagne cocktail and I know them to have champagne.

          God I miss DC.

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          1. re: jpschust

            Zaytinya can be very loud though and quite crowded depending on when you go.

            Topaz is a good idea would be Bar Rouge. I'm sure both have some sort of valet since they are hotels...but you might want to call all these spots to double check on the parking situations.

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions! very helpful. Many of these I would have never thought of on my own, and now the girls and I have a list to choose from, yea!

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              Yes, do Proof. They serve the champagne via a Champagne Trolley and they have tons of wine on their list (several by the glass). They also have signature cocktails.
              I would suggest getting a reservation and getting a table. You can share several of their small plates or stay for an entire meal. (Might I recomend their gnocchi--as either a starter or entree--and the sablefish...)

              1. re: KWynn

                The gnocchi is SO good! I also would suggest getting a table though. I went there on a Tuesday night and the bar was packed like sardines! The champagne trolley goes through all the tables so you certainly can enjoy it better from there. When you make a reservation (which is a must) perhaps ask them for a table farther away from the bar so its quieter.