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Sep 21, 2007 09:42 AM

Apple Jelly Availability

We used to live in NoCal, and even the, there was only 1 grocery in our community which carried apple jelly. Now we live in Valley Village/North Hollywood, and nobody seems to carry it at all. And to make things even more difficult, we keep kosher. Brands like Smuckers and Knotts, and some store brands are certified kosher. So we'd love to be able to find, say, Smucker's or Knott's apple jelly (which both of them make for someone, so why it's so difficult to find I have no idea). We use it for cooking, since it's a pretty neutral source of sugar and pectin, so it sweetens and thickens sauces all at the same time, in a way that's different than flour and starch.

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  1. Albertson's will carry a product if you request it, or they can order you a case.

    1. I have seen it recently in Stater Bros.

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        The apple jelly in my fridge is Ralphs brand. How's Market down on Huntington in Arcadia used to carry it, but it's been a couple years since I bought it there.