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Sep 21, 2007 09:26 AM

ISO: Italian Deli, area of Park Ave. So./29th St.

The pizza places around my new office, while not too bad in general, also serve things like Greek salads and grilled chicken on a bed of mesclun. I'd like to find a real Italian deli where you'd be laughed out the door with a request for a gyro or spinach pie. While I've been craving things like a potato/onion/egg hero, what I've been finding are things like presliced, supermarket prosciutto, piled onto a soft "Italian hero" roll. Please! Does anybody know anyplace within a few blocks in any direction that they'd describe as a real, true Italian deli?


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    1. I'm not sure quite how far it is - but maybe Todoro Brothers? I think they might be on Second Avenue?

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        They are on 2nd btwn 30th and 31st. They are a real Italian deli/market where as Lamazou is a tiny cheese store that also makes great sandwiches.

      2. Todaro's (2nd Ave. between 30 & 31 Street) is my favorite Italian sandwich place when I'm in the area. They have pre-made sandwiches which I never buy - what I do is pick something from their large array of hero breads and then go to the butcher who has all the fixings for a sandwich. They have excellent cheeses, meats, roasted peppers, etc. This is not inexpensive but well worth the price when you want a great sandwich. Just tell the butcher what you want and they'll make a custom-made sandwich.