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Sep 21, 2007 09:17 AM

Atlanta (Vinings)

I just started a consulting job and will be spending a lot of time in Atlanta. I'm looking for recommendations in this area as we often work late and don't want to go far for dinner. I have already discovered Garrison's.

Any Chowhound recommendations that are close to Paces Ferry/285 intersections?


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    1. re: geonuc

      going to Muss & Turner's tomorrow night. any recommendations?

      1. re: aunteejoy

        The sandwiches are huge, so I try to split one with someone if you have a group (unless you've got a big appetite). I love the truffled pasta salad as a side - it's a nice compliment to most of the sandwiches. But I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered. Enjoy!

    2. Muss & Turners is definately a good choice, but the sandwiches are big so I usually end up splitting with someone and then I can get a side item. Must try the truffled pasta salad! You can also try the Smyrna Market Village on Atlanta Road. Zucca is good, simple pizza and pasta with a nice patio, and Atkins Park is not quite as cool as the original in VaHi, but still good for comfort food. If you've been to Garrison's, then you know Vinings Jubilee area - stick with the fajitas at La Paz, hit the Grape if you're not very hungry & just want a glass of wine, but you can skip SoHo in my opinion.

      1. There's always Willy's.

        And Tasty China isn't that far.

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        1. re: ted

          Thanks for the recs.

          This week we tried Tomo, Ted's Montana Grill and Willy's.

          Who knows what is in store for next week...

        2. Soho is amazing. Go on a Wednesday night for JD's wine flight night. Try Padriac's. Have the chicken salad YUM!! Go to Marlow's and have the crab nachos. BBQ at Jim and Nick's.

          1. Definitely try Muss & Turner's. I think the best restaurant in the actual Vinings area is Canoe. You should give that a try. Other than Tomo, there are several sushi restaurants not too far away and very good: Sushi Huku, Umezono, and Hashiguchi.

            I dislike all Chinese and Thai in the Vinings area. Tasty China is fantastic but it's actually about 5 miles away. China Cooks and Canton Cooks on Roswell Rd also good, also 5 miles away. 5 Season Pub is next to China Cooks and you will have to try that place.

            Soho and Vinings Inn are both good and right there. For great food at a bar with TV, try the bar at River Room.

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            1. re: Dio Seijuro

              This week brought me to C&S and OK Cafe.

              Thoughts on South City Kitchen? Thinking about taking a group of 8...

              1. re: aunteejoy

                SSK is good, but loud! Investigate Canoe or Blue Ridge Grille for your party as well.

                1. re: aunteejoy

                  If you're venturing over that way, Houston's is very good for a chain. It's up Northside Pkwy and on the other side of W Paces from OK Cafe.

                  1. re: aunteejoy

                    Although I've never been there, I know Joel is right there by OK Cafe. The chef is supposedly amazing. It seems like they recently revamped the interior and menu though, so I am not sure how it is now.