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Sep 21, 2007 08:55 AM

Ideas for a 1 dish hangover cure breakfast?

Quiche? Strata? Friend is having a big birthday and I want to bring her something she can just thrown in the oven the next morning. No effort, hangover friendly.


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  1. DH swears by greae, salt, and citrus. Anything with eggs and bacon and then maybe a jar of oj and tomato juice.

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    1. What a thoughtful friend you are!

      For a hangover, you need something with a little spice and grease in it. I think Mexican food breakfast is best...migas, breakfast tacos, chilaquiles, machacado. All are guaranteed to make you feel a little better and be ready for a post-breakfast nap.

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      1. re: Honey Bee

        Honey Bee, you've got it right. You just beat me to it. Mexican and spicy preceeded by a Bloody Mary.

      2. From a scientific point of view, a strata (easy on the cheese) is the way to go: studies have shown that eggs and toasted bread are the best for simultaneously settling your stomach and helping your body recover. Too much fat, though, is counterproductive, so go for stronger but lighter cheese.

        And serve some OJ or tomato-juice drinks for vitamin C.

        1. Menudo is traditional in some circles; in others it's a big greasy cheesburger and chocolate shake. Common denominator being grease. Strata would work - heavy on the sausage. Lots of coffee. Bloody Marys if that's your thing....

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          1. re: Bat Guano

            Menudo isn't really that greasy, or shouldn't be. If it's done right, you'll have a very densely collagen-heavy broth and plenty of spice - I don't know if that really CURES a hangover, but on the few occasions I've applied it to one (as opposed to simply eating it because it's delicious), it always improved my outlook considerably. I would think phò would be equally useful, though a good deal more challenging to make at home.

          2. "thrown in the oven the next morning. No effort, hangover friendly"

            Yeah, you definitely are talking a girl's hangover, when you will have the ability to 1) see the temperature dial on an oven, 2) bend over to place something in a hot oven and 3) find an oven mitt to take the food out.

            Tch - kids. Nothing one must cook in the oven is hangover friendly.

            Have a drink, then go to a diner and have another, then "coffee and a roll and a side of toast".