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Sep 21, 2007 08:43 AM

Ce Fiore in Kirkland

Yesterday I came across Ce Fiore, one of the big hitters in the frozen yogurt craze, and am happy to report that not only is their yogurt more creamy, better selection of flavors and toppings than Crazyberry, but they are soon to have "snow ice," or patbingsu.

One question I have, is that they claim to serve, "Italian Frozen Yogurt." Is that even real? And if so what defines it?

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  1. Ooo, I drove by here and want to try it. Glad to have a review.

    I've been going to Shnoo up the street, which is addictively good, but I don't mind diversifying my dessert options!

    1. Wow, that's surprising for it to be in Kirkland! I can't wait to try it! I've been to the one in Little Tokyo in LA and I really like their frozen yogurt. Are other frozen yogurt places like this in the area? The only other similar place I've been to is Bleuet Yogurt in Portland.

      1. Okay, I tried Ce Fiore last night. Honestly, I prefer my Shnoo (about 2 blocks up, across from the Library). I'm a "regular" flavor kind of girl, and like the fresh fruit toppings. Shnoo has a more unflavored yogurt taste to it and is much more generous on the toppings.

        1. I stopped by Ce Fiore this afternoon. Really liked the decor and the woman at the front was really nice (owner?). Tried the vanilla-raspberry swirl with strawberry topping. Nice flavors - the yogurt was refreshing and COLD, strawberries were fresh. I like this place a lot better than Shnoo, but not as much as Crazyberry on Capitol Hill. This place was also a bit more expensive and they were a bit stingy with the portions.

          I probably won't go back because the weather is getting colder and I think that I'm over the whole frozen yogurt fad. This stuff is ridiculously expensive, especially the toppings (99 cents for a sprinkle of oreos or cereal?? come on)...

          1. I stopped in to Ce Fiore tonight. Love the decor, place was really cute and the gals behind the counter were super nice, even when I told them I was actually looking for Shnoo. They directed me there. Big mistake, should have stayed where I was. Shnoo on the other hand was not as cute, the woman behind the counter was incredibly rude, and it is ridiculously expensive. I know it has a loyal following but I really don't get it.