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Sep 21, 2007 08:42 AM

Liberty Street Cafe or Bungalow

Has anyone gone to Liberty Street Cafe in LibertyVillage or Bungalow on King for brunch?
I haven't heard anything of their brunches and I'm looking to try something new in that hood.

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  1. Liberty Street Cafe is alright. nothing special. i enjoyed my meal there but i'm also not very picky when i'm hungry. i enjoyed the patio seating.

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      I assume that we're talking about the cafe that is sometimes known as "The Liberty" at 25 Liberty st.? If so, I had a fairly un-inspired meal there. The pasta puttanesca was alright but WAY over-dressed with a quite thin sauce. This may seem like an odd thing to order (and then complain mildly about) at a pub/cafe but the menu really is slanted towards the pasta/pizza rather than more traditional (and easier to screw up, I guess) traditional cafe dishes.

      We heard from our server infrequently but I was there with an old friend catching up and we were in no rush so who knows whether she was just reading our unhurried vibe or whether they were under-staffed.

    2. Not Bungalow. Unless you like waiters who insist that they don't have a single thing to eat except for an undressed salad and then reluctantly checks the kitchen to find one burger for a table of 5.

      1. Liberty Street Cafe: good for fries and pitchers of beer, haven't had full meals there. Service has always been fine for me and have frequented the cafe many many many times.

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          Liberty has great fries and burgers and I have always had solid and friendly service!