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Sep 21, 2007 08:39 AM

Favorite out-of-context menu items?

Every once in a while, I come across a restaurant with an item or a small section of the menu that is totally out of context with the rest of the establishment. I love this because, as a rule, I find that these out-of-context menu items tend to be particlarly excellent, definitely there for a reason.

My favorite New England instance of this phenomenon is the Mexican menu at Bagel Gourmet in Providence (without a doubt the best breakfast burrito I've had east of the Mississippi). Less inspired, but by no means bad, was my recent experience with the empanadas at the Spotted Apron.

My question: where around Boston have you found great out-of-context chow hiding on the menu?

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  1. Not great, but rather weird: the menu at the Concord Ave. Cafe in Cambridge includes lasagna, sushi, Korean soups, and ice cream. In other words, the entire menu is a bit out of context.

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      Similar to this, the menu at Jasmine Bistro has always seemed out of context with itself - French, Hungarian, and...Baluchistani??? I really really REALLY need to get over there and check it out - a week in Toronto and two meals at my favorite Hungarian restaurant there have left me pining for central European food (and yes, I also really need to get out to Dorchester and try Cafe Polonia! But that's another thread.)

    2. I often have dreams about Bagel Gourmet's breakfast burritos. They are... so delicious.

      1. The new home of Chacarero on Province Street now serves -- breakfast?! Omelets, egg and cheese sandwiches (on that housemade *pan amasado*, nice), pancakes, muffins. No green beans on top, presumably. It also has seats inside, a welcome upgrade.

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          1. Actually, had a family friend over recently who wanted the fried wings from Great Wok in Arlington Heights. He was thrilled with the fried wings, and when I took a bite, I thought Americanized picnic fried chicken done okay.

          2. Tater Tots at Butcher SHop? I haven't even had them, I just love that they're there.