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Sep 21, 2007 08:15 AM

Mexican food, your fav?

Okay, don't care what region it's from but I do want fresh and flavorful and creative and atmosphere and good beer/ cocktails. I love guacamole, red mole but those are readily available here in Tampa. I want Mexican food I can't get in Tampa.

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  1. Wow...everything you described, I'd recommend Barrio has fresh, flavorful, creative and a great cocktail selection.
    My favorite Mexican food in NYC would be Tulcingo del Valle; favorite margarita would be the pomegranite-prickly pear at Agave; and the best atmosphere would probably go to Rosa Mexicano in Union Square.

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      I found another stream and Tulcingo del Valle is definitely a favorite, however, out of about 20 other names I found Barrio Chino was not mentioned. Can you tell me a little more? Favorites dishes, location, is there a website that you're aware of?


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        I too love Tulcingo. If you are willing to venture outside Manhattan, here's another favorite:

        Here's a good thread, maybe it's the one you found but if not it is worth a look:

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          Of course...Barrio Chino is located in the Lower Eastside. It's a small place, but very charming with an AMAZING tequila selection and fantastic food. I particularly loved the cheese enchiladas with green sauce. Yes, they do have a website ( but it's not very informative. Check for more information, i.e. menus.

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            I'll just second LeahBaila's recommendation of Barrio Chino - while it's not the most authentic Mexican I've tasted in New York, the atmosphere definitely sounds more like what you're after (it maintains a balance between scene-tastic bar and cozy restaurant), and the food presentation is fresh, polished, and flavorful. Just be warned that it gets jam-packed starting around 8 most nights, and can quickly transform from cozy to claustrophobic. Food is reasonably priced, and the grapefruit margaritas are sublime.

            The best - and more authentic - Mexican places (like Tulcingo) tend to focus more on food and less on atmosphere in my experience. They feel much more like eating in someone's mexican kitchen, and offer much more variety and adventure in terms of food. If you truly want dishes you can't get in Tampa and are willing to sacrifice a bit in the ambiance and cocktail departments, you may want to go with Tulcingo or Taqueria Coatzingo in Queens.

            If you'll be in the city on a Saturday or Sunday before October 21st, the Red Hook Ballfields - though not exclusively Mexican-oriented - will offer the most transporting Central & South American food experience you can have in the New York area. Search the outer boroughs board for further details.

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              Okay, Barrio Chino looks appealing, however I'm not crazy about the idea of a tight a crowd. I may be staying in the neighborhood so a lunch would probably be apropos to avoid a crowd? How about Hells Kitchen. That seems more like what I had in mind and it's been recommended on another stream. Thoughts? I'm a little apprehensive about using the subway but I'll do it for a good's really what I'm coming there for.

              1. re: loveinmytummy

                Hell's Kitchen is fine, but I think it's pretty expensive for what it is. The food is good, but definately not my style or what I'd typically crave for Mexican food. However, the owners of Hell's Kitchen have a more casual restaurant further up 9th Avenue called "El Centro," that I think is really tasty and chill.

      2. El Maguey y La Tuna on E. Houston Street near Attorney Street (Lower East Side)

        Awesome food, great cheap margs and sangria

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