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Sep 21, 2007 08:04 AM

Need Westwood recs

I live just north of the intersection of Santa Monica and Westwood Blvds. Give me some recs. All price ranges, all cuisines. Delivery would be great. I'd also really like to find a bar with a good spirits, wine, or beer selection where possibly I could work. Breakfast, croissants, bagels, you name it!

Some places I recommend.

Sunnin. Tasty, dependable Lebanese.
Ramayani. Not totally sold on this Indonesian restaurant, but it's worth a shot because there aren't many Indonesian restaurants in the USA.
Javan. Wow, delicious Persian delivery.
A big sushi restaurant just north of Sunnin and Ramayani on Westwood. Can't remember the name, but the fish quality was high.
Diddy Riese. Insanely delicious!

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  1. I live just south of the westwood/santa monica intersection so i'm in the same boat. =) Some of my recs:

    1. Il Grano (pretty good Italian in a beautiful space)
    2. Sharzhad (Persian right on Westwood and Ohio)
    3. Palamino's ( know what your going to get)
    4. Tengu (expensive but they have some worthwhile fish)

    1. I second tengu, I also liked Nine Thirty @ the W as well as Napa Valley Grille (and, as its name implies, has a great wine selection)

      But yes, save room for Diddy Riese ice cream :)


      1. Someone on the board LOVES the burgers at Phlly West.

        I think it's Phllly West.

        I"m not the person who loves them ... I've never had them. They're supposed to be great though.

        I like the sushi at Hamasaku on Santa Monica near Sepulveda. It's not (to me) one of the omasake type places I read about hear. But they do do really tasty sushi.

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        1. re: PaulF

          I tried the burger at Philly West once based on those posts here and it was good with a draft ale! Not the best burger in L.A. but good and very reasonably priced in a low key place. I will go back!

          1. re: sel

            I think it's Nosh who digs that burger.

            I still need to go there.

            1. re: PaulF

              Yep, 'twas me. Went to Philly West for their very credible cheesesteak, then saw the grillman with a big burger on a flame grill. It is oblong, a half-pound, and served with the usual accompaniments including good grilled onions on a cheesesteak roll. Ordered medium-rare, it comes crusty and pink in the middle and really juicy -- and under $6. Didn't like the fries at first, but they were much better ordered extra-well and crispy. The place has a sports theme but is fairly dark, small, and divy. It is rarely crowded, and people do hang and read and work there on occasion.

        2. If we're sticking to the same neighborhood, I recommend Paris Pastries for yummy cakes. For Indonesian, go a little further south to Palms and try Simpang Asia (

          Simpang Asia
          10433 National Blvd 2, Los Angeles, CA 90034

          1. My usual stop in that area is for lunch specials and Kulfi with Falooda (dessert) at Ambla Dhaba, next to Sunnin.