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Sep 21, 2007 07:39 AM

a great sandwich in Memphis?

I'm new in town and have been trapped in the house with a sick toddler. I could use an outing at lunchtime to get something really tasty. Where can I get a really good sandwich (not BBQ, which I love, but it's not what I'm looking for)? Right now I'm out in Cordova (waiting to close on a house in G'town). Want something with good bread, good inside, etc. (I'm watching the Today show, which is counting down America's great sandwiches.) Suggestions? All I can think of is Deli Mexicana tortugas. Others?

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  1. I don't know if they're back open in their new location, but the French Bakery(moving or Moved to Mendenhall, just South of Poplar) does some great sandwiches, like a fab chicken salad on a house fresh made croissant.

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      good to know. will check it out. it's tough being new in town!

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        Try the King Biscuit Diner on Dexter and Germantown

    2. Heavenly Hoagie in Midtown is excellent. You can't go wrong with the authentic philly cheesesteak or the Italian. It's really cheap, too. Holiday Ham does a pretty good sandwich too. There are several locations around town.

      1. Petra Cafe has some nice paninis. They have a shop in the Carefour in Memphis on Polar just east of Gtown. Another in Collierville on Poplar just west of Gtown and possibly a coffee shop in Gtown.

        1. My two favorite sandwich places aren't out in your area, but they're worth the drive. First, I love Guadalupana! It's on Summer near the intersection of White Station. It's a mexican place, and the sandwiches are wonderful. I prefer the pork, but my boyfriend loves the goat sandwich.

          Also, Super Sub Shop by the University of Memphis at Southern and Highland is also quite wonderful. It looks kind of run down, but the sandwiches are delicious. There's something about the bread they use and the special sauce.

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            Super Sub Shop has been my favorite since college(10+ years)!

          2. I can't disagree with anything anyone else said, but would like to suggest Rising Roll Gourmet on Wolf River (right around the corner from Tortugas) as an option. They're only open for lunch, but they have some excellent sandwiches.