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Sep 21, 2007 07:38 AM

Looking for good restaurant in Athens Pa?

I need to buy a gift card for someone who lives in athens and I dont know anything about him or the area, any suggestions?

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  1. Two years ago, my wife and I stayed at O'Brien's in Waverly, New York. For years its restaurant was the place to eat with fantastic views and good food. The restaurant was closed and I believe it still is. We went through Sayre, PA, and into Athens looking for a restaurant. We didn't find any restaurants that would be gift card-worthy. We ate dinner at Beeman's in Sayre. Good food; great breakfast the next morning. Seemed to be the place to eat in the area. For a gift, you might try to find a restaurant in New York state -- possibly Owego; otherwise, at greater distances to Binghamton or Elmira. Best I can do.