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Sep 21, 2007 07:30 AM

I love Mariquita's Mystery Box

Last night I picked up the $25 Mystery Box from Mariquita Farm - at the Pizzetta 211 stop. It's a wonder of Fresh & Green with Lacinato Kale, Tomatoes, French Fingerling potatoes, Heirloom Butternut Squash Rugosa, mixed sweet bell peppers, Jerusalem artichokes, Italian parsley, basil, long red Tropea onions, Erbette chard, Mustard greens, and Chantenais carrots!
...and a bag of Pimiento de Padron peppers for $6

10/4 at Let's Be Frank at 1 Fort Mason

:^) thanks to Windy for the tip

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  1. I was shocked, when I got one recently, at how much stuff is in the box. For 25$ you easily get triple that value of produce. Unbelievable. I actually had to work hard to finish it all!!!
    A win-win situation for all involved.

    1. We got a couple of boxes of their Tomato delivery. Now its sauce-making time!

      1. They've varied the contents too, to keep it interesting.

        The spicy red Hungarian peppers are amazing roasted. Their tomatoes and chard alone make it worthwhile.

        1. Hmmm. I get their CSA and am a little confused that this selection seems better. We haven't received carrots (July), mustard greens (never?), artichokes (once in August), or spicy peppers (once in August) in quite a while. Good to know that sporadic weekly customers are getting a different, larger selection than long-term CSA members. Works out to a little less than $25 per box in the CSA, but we get usually 8 items, not 12.

          Don't get me wrong, I love the produce that I do get, but I'm drowning in cauliflower (3 out of the last 5 weeks) and sweet peppers (4 out 5) here. The squash coming in right now is amazing.

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            1. re: norjah

              I spoke with Julia for an article that I did on this a few weeks back -- linked below. My understanding is that it's not more food than the CSA -- it's kind of large amounts of things that they have extra of. I've always gotten the feeling from Julia and Andy that their first priority is the CSA program.


              1. re: norjah

                We do their CSA too and at first i was thinking - wait this seems like more food. But, I really doubt it is. I would be very surprised if that were the case, because Julia and Andy have really embraced the CSA program.

                I think we have had more variety this year than we have had in past years. A few seasons ago we were literally drowning in cabbage! Have you subscribed all year? We received a lot of carrots early in the season this year and artichokes earlier in the year. WE get sweet peppers but they are all different kinds and I could live on the sweet peppers anyway.

                One other thing that you do get with the CSA is the produce that grows at High Ground, like very good lettuce and strawberries.

                1. re: jsaimd

                  No question that the produce is amazing (this week's strawberries were out of this world), I'm just grumpy that I'm making another batch of cauliflower soup tonight when one-box folks are getting a better assortment.

                  I've subscribed for 3 years. True, the carrots were great at the beginning of the year, but it's been since June/early July or so. I miss carrots. It's been a month since fresh herbs. I've only received artichokes once. It's always one of the "or" items and we always seem to get the other.

                  The months of cabbage weren't great, but I understood, the weather was awful that year. I'd gotten used to having one unique thing in the box every week, which isn't happening much anymore, and I feel like the boxes have gotten less interesting in the last few months. Now that I know the more interesting produce is there -- well the grass is always greener.

                  If they've got lots of extra sorrel, please, please, throw some our way!!

              2. Is this more total food than the CSA box or smaller amounts of more items?

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                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  I can't speak to the amounts given in their CSA boxes, as I've never received one, but I can't imagine that they could give any larger amount of their different items...
                  Bunches of greens that stretch rubber bands to the breaking point, big bags of peppers and larger than farmer's market bunches of carrots.