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Sep 21, 2007 07:20 AM

Captain Frosty's-Dennis..Opinions?

I am trying to find some good casual seafood near Brewster for tomorrow...was thinking of Captain Frosty's, but I've never been. Any feedback or other suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

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  1. Overpriced and stingy portions of just okay fried fare. JTs or Kate's on 6A in Brewster is a far better choice in a clam shack. For a truly EXCELLENT lunch try the Brewster Fish House. Small and comfortable, linen tablecloths, and fantastic seafood options. It is not a clam shack, however, so not the place to go if you're hankering fries clams (although they will have fried fish, cioppino, shrimp scampi and more ($8-$18 or thereabouts). If you're going to Dennis, there's a good clam shack at Sesuit Harbor called The Sesuit Harbor Cafe where you can sit at a picnic table next to the jetty and watch the boats come and go.

    1. I live nearby when on Cape and "used" to go there but I find the portions indeed small. For a lobster roll I go to Eastham for the large portions at Friendly Fisherman. I think many places have far better chowder including JTs.

      1. Well, we ended up going to JT's. What a horrible experience..........Chowder had glue consistency and tasted like onions and potatoes. My daughter's lobster roll was spoiled! Good thing I snuck a little piece before she started eating it. When I returned it, they proceeded to refund me, but only the difference between that and the tuna wrap she replaced it with! I was pretty put out, and suggested that they should comp her tuna wrap, since they served us spoiled food. They wouldn't do it without the owner's permission, who wasn't there. As they were preparing her tuna wrap, I was standing there and saw the worker in the back pressing tuna into a tortilla with his bare hands. Needless to say she didn't want it after that. We had also ordered a fish and chips to go, for my BF who was working up the street. We decided to cancel the rest of the order and asked to be refunded for the fish-n-chips, not wanting to take any more risks with this place. They wouldn't do it without calling the owner, who apologized and refunded us the entire meal (not that we had eaten anything at this point, other than the chowder). I informed her that the worker was handling food without gloves on, and she said it was ok, as long as he washed his hands. Let's hope he did.

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          Wow....sorry to hear about such a horrible experience. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many restaurants once the season is over. I guess I have to cross off JTs off my rec list! Thanks for the report.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            CCGuy, why?? Maybe it was an off have enjoyed it before so why take one person's experience and write off a place?? I wonder if the lack of Fall help contributed to this bad experience?? It's closing in a few weeks anyway..I have loyal locals who swear by JT's and they are quite the foodies.

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              Oh my....I have had only good experiences at JT's so I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. I have always found the owners pleasant and accomodating. The day of your visit was their last day of operation until spring...NOT an excuse however for serving poor food.