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Sep 21, 2007 06:52 AM

Chinese (non-dim sum) lunch in the SGV

My friend, a former LA resident, is staying in the downtown LA area. He wants good non-dim sum Chinese for lunch. I was thinking t I could take him to Chinatown, but the SGV would probably be a better choice. Now where to go for just two people if we head out to those parts? Any suggestion if we don't make the trek to the SGV?

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  1. I'd go to one of the many SGV restaurants that have reasonably priced lunch specials, such as NYC Seafood, Seafood Village or Lucky City, all on Garvey Ave. immediately east of Atlantic Blvd. In Chinatown I'd go to Mayflower on Spring St.

    1. Chang's Garden in Arcadia (for Shanghai food) or Seafood Village in Temple City (for Chiu Chou cuisine).

      Both are very good and probably represent some of the best and most consistent cooking this side of the Pacific Ocean.

      1. Try Kim Ky Noodle House for Chiu Chow-style noodles, Tasty Garden for Hong Kong-style dishes, or Jin Jian for Shanghai-style dishes. My website has more restaurant reviews if you're interested:

        Kim Ky Noodle House
        1108 S. San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel 626-289-8839

        Tasty Garden
        1212 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia 626-445-9388

        Jin Jian Restaurant (aka JJ
        )301 W. Valley Blvd., #109, San Gabriel 626-308-9238

        1. Savoy on Valley for hainanese chicken
          Seafood Village in Monterey Park for chiu chow
          Mei Long Village or JJ's for xiao long bao and noodles