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Sep 21, 2007 06:35 AM

Where We Ate in SF

My boyfriend and I just returned from a trip to SF, and had a fantastic -- and delicious -- time. Here's where we ate:

Saturday: for a just-got-off-a-six-hour-flight-from-JFK pick-me-up
Samovar (Yerba Buena garden) -- can't beat the beautiful setting ... great little date spot

Dinner: La Taqueria (Mission) -- yum, what good pizza is to NY

Brunch: Baker Street Bistro (Marina) -- simple, fresh ingredients ... basic but hit the spot
Dinner: Brandy Ho's (North Beach) -- the one disappointment ... while the fried oysters were some of the best we've had (fresh and flavorful), the main dishes were salty and fairly average

Lunch: Slanted Door (Ferry Building) -- yes, this place lives up to the hype ... great location too
Dinner: Sauce (Hayes Valley) -- we loved loved loved this place ... everything we tried was spot-on ... comfort food with a twist

Dinner: Perbacco (Financial District) -- found this place on OpenTable; it's the second-most-booked (after Slated Door), apparently, and we could see why -- everything from the fish to the gnocchi was excellent

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  1. Wow, a real ecclectic choice in dining. Glad you had a tasty trip to SF! (I've always wondered about Sauce. I used to live in that area and walked by it all the time.)

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      Had a great experience at Sauce a while back, liked the food and space. They have a nice room in the back for large parties. Now that the weather will be getting cooler the food is comforting on cooler evenings.

      NYCfoodgirl glad you had a good time.

    2. Glad to hear you had a good trip. It's cool to see Sauce pop up on a list for an out of town visitor. My wife and I had an enjoyable meal there and she's been back with some friends since. We found a few misses amongst the hits but really liked the place a lot for its comfort, excellent drinks and nice people. The mushroom fries were really great.

      1. Thanks for reporting back. Perbacco - "everything from the fish to the gnocchi was excellent". May I ask what exactly you had besides the gnocchi? This place is on my list of restaurants to try.

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          Sorry for the delay in my reply, Ceekskat. At Perbacco, we were told the menu changes daily. But, for what it's worth, we had the salmon crudo and stuffed peppers (stuffed with crab, maybe? I don't remember) as an appetizer, then my boyfriend had the duck ravioli and I had the gnocchi.

          And we had planned to go to The House instead of Sauce but were too lazy to make the trip to North Beach that night. We found Sauce reviewed in a local magazine -- I had tilapia, my boyfriend had the bacon-wrapped meatloaf, and we split the portobello fries. Even the bread was tasty! Would have loved to try the Guinness sundaes but we were stuffed.

          To everyone else, thanks for your suggestions, and I can't wait to go back!