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Sep 21, 2007 06:18 AM

Flippin Burgers, Newton, Short Review

Ordered 2 Cheeseburgers. Burgers are good size (1/3 lb), cooked to order and as you like them; Burger was good not great; I thought that the additional $.75 charge for lettuce and tomato was high. Fries were fairly thick cut, frozen variety, not crisp at all and overall, very bad, not even as good as McDonalds. If they replace the frozen fries with fresh fries I might go back but otherwise not. I much preferred my recent visit to Grille Zone.

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  1. I had their cheeseburger and fries also earlier this week, I thought the burger was pretty good -- the size you describe, juicy (but not gushing like Bartley's), cooked as I requested, and with a good bun (not a typical supermarket bun, seemed specially baked for Flipping Burgers). The fries I had were cooked as I like them -- browned and crunchy. I was pretty happy and will return. Haven't been to Grill Zone yet.

    1. Grille Zone? Where is it? What is the theme?

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        Check out their website: They are located near BU on Comm Ave, next to Babcock St intersection. Small menu, attractive space, they promote themselves as being entirely "green" environmentally; Burgers are very good, large (1/2 lb) and cooked to order; fries are fresh but could be crispier which they are working on; they opened a few months ago.

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          Also search on the gazillions of posts about Grille Zone ... we hounds are a little crazy about our burgers.

        2. I am a fan of Flippin Burgers - had excellent cheeseburger there, A+. Fries must have improved since original review, as mine were very tasty.

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            Revisited last night after a 2 month hiatus. Fairly busy around 7 PM; had 2 cheeseburgers to go; excellent burgers, well charred and just the right size at 1/3 lb; $5.65 each with fries included; unfortunately, still using frozen fries, edible but not worth traveling for; the burgers on the other hand are. I tend to be very picky when it comes to fries and onion rings (those are frozen also) and I really want fresh not frozen!

          2. I've been to Flippin several times myself. I would put the burgers on par with Bartley's, but the original poster has it correct, the fries are average at best. The frustrating thing is that it could be a stellar place if they got the fries right. As someone who grew up next to the original Five Guys in VA, I can't express enough how important fresh, never frozen, handcut fries cooked in Peanut Oil are. At minimal cost, Flippin could turn itself into one of the top local burger joints if they fixed their fry problem. Here's hoping they do!